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Moira here welcoming you to another #SensualSunday post. I have to say, and no this isn’t my post topic today, I HATE RAIN!!! Okay, not really, I don’t actually mind it except when it’s day in and day out. Seemingly never-freaking-ending. Gah! What’s that tune? “Rain, rain, go away…” LOL! Now that I have that off my chest let’s get down to it.


First and foremost a wee disclaimer. This post is not about any one individual, or individuals. It came to be due to several factors, and happenings that coalesced into an idea in my brain for today. That being said though, if the shoe doth fit maybe one should rethink some choices made in one’s own life, and the actions that then follow.

  • We are Authors, everything we do, say, and post on social media is held to a higher standard than Joe Average Citizen.
  • We are public figures even though we may never meet one another, or all those we are lucky enough to call our readers and fans.
  • We are Romance Authors, working in a genre often picked on for being “not a real genre”.
  • We are the men and women who give life to what has sprouted in our minds in an effort to provide enjoyment, peace, laughter, tears, and pleasure to any who would read our words.
  • We are real people just like everyone with bills to pay, and worries and concerns that don’t always allow for a good night’s sleep.
  • We are daughter’s, sons, cousins, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and grandparents same as everyone else.

FamilyBut most importantly, we are family to one another. I couldn’t pick 99% of the authors in my Evernight family from the faces around me on the street, but they are family to me. I also consider each, and every author out there in the romance genre to be family as well – second cousins for the most part if we’re being honest, but still family. So when someone in the “family” goes and does, or says something that gets everyone up in arms it makes me mad.

No, not true. IT MAKES ME FUCKING FURIOUS! Are there not enough problems in this world to deal with already? Do we really need to be creating more? For fuck sake people! For those that know me, and for those who don’t, I am not an overly dramatic person. I mind my own damn business, and I am not one to gossip about anyone or anything.

In a world where everything ends up blown out of proportion let’s remember to have one another’s backs. It’s tough enough to be an author, it’s even harder to be a romance author. Be there for one another, and stand shoulder to shoulder with your family. Rumors are just that, rumors. If you want the truth about someone, or something you’ve heard, ask those actually involved. Nothing gets blown more out of proportion than a half truth.

Mis-HeardRemember the Telephone Game? It’s just. Like. That.

So unless you have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth you keep your lips sealed. And even if you do have the truth, why the fuck would you be dumb enough to speak out of turn? Chin up, shoulders back, and pretend you’re an adult for at least a little while. ‘Cause if you don’t, I’m damn well going to suggest you ground yourself until you can learn to play well with everyone.

Now, get out of here. I’m going to get some more sleep and I don’t need you lot loitering about. Have a wonderful Sunday, play nice, we’ll talk soon, and remember… In the words of my grandmother, and likely every grandmother out there, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.

XO Moira Callahan

6 thoughts on “Remember who you are #SensualSunday @AuthorMoira

  1. Amen. Having recently been at the receiving end of the rumour mill, which would never have happened had folks simply asked… wise words indeed. Still, all water under a long gone bridge now.

    Let’s support each other in this writing malarkey 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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