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Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday!

Kacey here, all mended and happier than I was last week! The cold I never thought would end finally did and I can breathe again!

This week, it’s a laid back kind of day with normal stuff happening with writing — am in the middle of a WIP that I’m loving and can’t wait til I write “The End” — and I with a crazy week finally over, I thought it best to share something taht is fun and while time-consuming (addicting!!!) it is also a great site to play around in.

PINTEREST …pinterest

As I said, it can be addictive. I am sure many already know of the site, but some authors may not know of the usefulness it can be too.

Pinterest has everything from recipes to crafts to wedding ideas to gorgeous architect photos, hot men, smokin’ hot ladies and some great inspirational photos for the writer of spicier and naughtier tales.

With each story I write, well the last 4-5, I make a board with pictures that inspire the current WIP. From rooms that I embellish a bit in my stories, to clothing of all my characters, to cars they drive, occupations they have, and the images of each one (ie: actors, actresses, models, calendar guys/gals, every day average people that I might catch a glimpse of a photo online).

I find a lot of inspiration to navigate my way through a story, images that come to life before my eyes and leap from my imagination onto  the screen. It lends to creativity and helps with the sometimes struggle of those minute details with setting, characteristics, intricacies of various locales, buildings, cars, etc.

Here are a few of my story boards that I have done…
Direct link to all my boards— I have many boards about many things. Wish I had more time to fill all the boards completely, but hey, I have to write too!! *g*

Guarding Midnight

Miscellaneous Writer Stuff

WIP 1 — younger man/older woman story

WIP 2 — Sequel to Guarding Midnight

And my fellow Naughty Quills’ boards…
Ravenna’s Pinterest
Doris’s Pinterest
April’s Pinterest
Raven’s Pinterest

{Be sure to follow us! *g*}

As you can see, there are many category/options that people look for. And different ways each author will compile their inspiration.

And authors can also make Amazon/bookseller boards … I have for Amazon for instance. The pinning option on some bookstores is available on each book page, and makes sharing easy.

And while I offer all writers a safe place to go and gather inspirational photos, create stories within these boards and venture off into other menial things, please use your time wisely! And don’t shoot the messenger when you become so obsessed with finding every cute kitten or puppy, every hot man and woman on Pinterest!! I only offer wonderful and happy suggestions LOL

Use it as a tool to CREATE! Have fun and keep those words flowing! Whatever helps, right?


Until next week,
Happy Pinning!!

Kacey (2)

7 thoughts on “Pinterest…The Creative Time Suck #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)

  1. I love it! I hadn’t thought of doing anything quite so organized with my boards. I admit mine revolve around food and tattoos and hot men. I also pin my Evernight books, fellow EP authors and I have favorite authors that I pin there as well when I have them on my blog. Other than that, yeah I am trolling food, men and tatts.

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  2. I think its a waste of time unless I want a pic for a blog, or to post my covers. But then I don’t have specific people in mind for characters, I like my reader to imagine who they want him/her to look like. Don’t all shout at me now. I lost a really good reader cos I was too specific about what a hero looked like cos she saw him differently and it made her hate the book.
    So, no I don’t use it much.
    too much to do to waste time there…lol

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  3. That is what makes our blog so great, varying opinions. I know a few readers who dont like book heroes compared to real life ppl/celebs. Gives me something to keep in my head when writing. I am a visual person.
    I make sure I only visit pinterest 2x a wk at most. And set a time for 30 mins to get off.


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