Raven on building bridges…

Raven says, build a bridge and get over it…

Thursday thoughts and Raven’s ramblings on equality and stuff…


Hi all it’s Raven again being philosophical and well, downright arsy.

Deep and meaningful?

Well it depends really. And yes I am about to upset people, buy hey ho after the day I’ve had that’s where the title cones in…

Build a bridge and get over it.


Why? Oh don’t get me started.

You know it’s a fact that in theory, in many things we are allegedly equal.

~~Equality—the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities~~

But in life this is not often a fact. It’s a desire but rarely fact. You’re good at maths, I’m good at Geography.

You get more likes on Fb, I get more followers on twitter.

You are skinny I am fat.

And the bummer, you get more books accepted or write faster or have more positive reviews.

That is life.

One of the hard things to accept when you become an author is some sell more than you some sell less. Some people are for you and support you, others are not and do not. You’ll get good reviews, bad reviews and no reviews. You’ll see other people accepted whilst you wait. Some seem to put a book out so often your head spins.

Well why?

That is life. Some people are prolific and idea flow from them like the Severn bore (big river wave for those of you over the pond) other let things simmer for ages.

The equality is there in that we all have a choice to ignore or do things as we want.

You know it’s not a race. It’s not a competition to see who gets what or my boobs are bigger than your boobs. If you think that you’re gonna be awfully upset. Because some of us are AA and some DD or more. Just like some of us put out a book a month and get fab reviews mega sales and whatever. But not everyone.

So to enjoy your lovely life, the fact that you have done what a lot of people haven’t, and become a published author.

And when you think someone lese has got something you haven’t…

Build a bridge and get over it…


And OY whose got all the chocolate. That’s not fair. It’s supposed to be shared equally… And what about the coffee? And the fizz… and…

Where’s that bridge when you need it?

(It’s above you…ooo)

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