The Case of the Missing Muse #TuesdayThoughts from Doris @mamaD8

Hello, lovely peeps, Doris, here. Moira talked about her muse here on Sunday. If you missed the post do go and check it out, because she made some fantastic points.

I’m going to talk about what happens when said muse packs her bags and leaves. What do you do then?

It’s particularly relevant to me at the moment, because my muse, bless her… well, ever since the Brexit Vote here in the UK, I’ve struggled putting words on paper. You see, I’m a German National living in the UK. Not an issue in any way or form, while the UK is/was a member of the EU, but we’re in slightly murky waters now, with the vote to leave. Not a position I ever thought I’d have to worry over, having lived here for twenty nine years.

My muse, being the flighty thing she is, clearly thought to herself, well, f**k that and took herself off to parts unknown. I have visions of her sunning herself somewhere like this in the South of France and shamelessly checking out the local talent.


Beach in Antibes, South of France


It’s not the first time, she’s done this and it won’t be the last, but it sure is annoying when you stare at your word doc, and draw a complete blank.

Not that I do that. I tend to stay away from writing, when my muse has swanned off, because to try and force words onto the page never works. Especially, when I know, my fingers will fly, when she does finally catch that flight back home. Usually brimming with ideas, and raring to go.

So,  I’m not worried about her absence as such. It just adds to the general state of irritation I find myself in at the moment. Then again, maybe that’s just old woman syndrome.


In any case I’ve been catching up on my TBR pile, and been spending time with my family, and I’ve been looking at kittens.



If that doesn’t bring her back, I don’t know what will. And, psst, don’t tell her, but I think it’s working, as I have managed to add 3 K to my wip. See, no-one can resists kittens. All joking aside we are looking at adding a kitten or two to our family, so watch this space.

You might say that’s an extreme solution for bringing back your muse, but hey, it works.


In all seriousness though, if you find yourself stuck in your writing, take a breather. Step away from the keyboard and do something fun. Nothing is more demoralizing than staring at that cursor blinking at you, when the words just won’t come.

Chances are, once you’ve had that breather, doing whatever it is that helps you relax and recharge, those words will  spill out.

That’s all from me today, folks.

Do stay naughty!

D xxxx

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