Raven’s gone fishing


Raven’s Ramblings and Thursday thoughts on …Relaxation

gone fishing

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Raven’s…Gone fishing.

No not for compliments, or sprats. I’m having some me time with my hubby.

I know we’ve all gone on about this over and over but it is so darned important. Writing can take over your life.

And your nearest and dearest feel snubbed and left out.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced this, and you know, they should be our first concern. They love us, we love them, we need them in our lives.

Before you throw things at your computer or whatever, I know we need writing as well. Boy do I know that. But that is only one part of us, and we can do it anywhere at anytime as long as we have a access to a keyboard or pen and paper. In fact you can still write without either. In your head.

But friends and family? They aren’t always around. Kids grow up and move away. Our other halves have things to, work, golf (yuk), friends have families. So when we get the chance to be with them… yeah do it.

That’s simplified of course. Every ones life work balance is different and its how it works for them that’s important.

I know one person who does not check emails social media etcetera after 6pm or before 7am. I don’t write in the evenings or weekends when my Husband is home. Others write only when their children are at school so they can then spend time as mum and S.O.

Even so sometimes a bit more is needed.


I’ve gone fishing!


Happy reading,

Love Raven x

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