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Good morning all.
Kacey here and I hope everyone has had a fabulous week!

Today it’s all about new and fresh writing. I’ve seen reviews recently where the readers point out that it’s the “same ole, same ole” stories being written by the same authors. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this myself personally. Some authors, many prolific ones for example, seem to think readers are idiots. Readers can spot mistakes and overused, contrite plots a mile away. And they especially dislike characters who have been rinsed and repeated.

What does that mean exactly?

Taking characters, especially ones in a series, and making them the same as the book before. Book 2 hero shouldn’t be described much the same as the hero in book 1. He shouldn’t have the same mannerisms, same BS attitude with women, etc etc. Characters and plots should always been new and shiny with each new story. Some plots may arc from book to book, (ie: cops after the same bad guy), but the characters can’t simply be given a new name and passed off into the next story as if readers won’t notice!

If your characters are cops, bikers or all werewolves, they still need to be their own person with uniqueness that will have readers falling in love with that individuality. Authors need to write diverse qualities in the plot, with the characters for our diverse readers.  There has to be fresh settings, crimes, reasons not to be together.  Use your imagination. Not all characters have to be perfect either, there are many flaws to give them for instance. Don’t give characters a different name, plop him/her on the same motorcycle, in an airplane, behind the same desk, or have the same plus size heroine in every book and expect readers to fall in love. They won’t do it. They’ll close the book very quickly, be frustrated with the author and probably never spend a dime of their hard earned money on your books again.

As a reader myself, I can think of a couple authors off the type of my head that captured me instantly with the first couple books of their series, then after book 4, reading the same stuff with a different cover and character names changed, I stopped reading that author instantly. I couldn’t handle it any more. I love reading, soak up everything in sight, but I don’t want to waste my money on reading the same thing over and over again.

A lot of authors want to have a long list of published titles with their name on it. The more titles there is, authors seem to think they’ve “made it” and it’s a look at me, look at me with all my 60 titles, I’m awesome. And many are! Don’t get me wrong. Huge kudos to all authors who write a story that sells, and continue to work hard at their careers.

However, it’s QUALITY over QUANTITY. Being prolific is great, but not when you’re plopping the same ole same ole stuff into a word document repeatedly. In doing so, you’re failing readers, the authenticity of the story and yourself.



Until next week,

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