Raven says…Think before you type and send…

Raven’s Ramblings and Thursday thoughts on Think Before you Type…

Chapter one

I sometimes think that some authors need to take an author test before they’re let loose on the unsuspecting public.

A bit like a driving test. Both parts, as in the UK. A theory test and if you do that well, a practical one.

Now before you all nod sagely at each other and agree Raven really has lost the plot this time, read on and then decide.

This post came about when I say somewhere how someone (no names and not an Ep author) had mouthed off on social media about something negative to that person specifically and although they deleted it almost immediately lots of people had of course seen it and shared it. Yes that is a convoluted sentence but I really don’t know how else to phrase it politely.

Once it’s out there…

So that’s where my author test comes in…

You know, part one, theory.

How to set out your m/s, plot, plan, learn about spell check, etc, etc. How to send a submission letter, do a synopsis and blurb.

Part Two, practical.

How to suck up the rejections, be pleased with an R and R, and over the moon ecstatic with a ‘we would like to publish your book’.

Start learn icon

How to wait patiently (this is ironic because I don’t think anyone really does) for the contract, the edits, the cover, the release date, the first sales, and gulp the comments and reviews.

How to learn from your editor, appreciate her/him and your cover artist. How to learn from constructive criticism and reviews, and ignore the rest.

Accept not everyone understands the way you write, that it is acceptable because just as we don’t all like liver or cheese, not everyone will like how we write.

Grow a thick skin.

And lastly and most importantly… How to rant in private. We all do it. You have to let off steam, and so we do it with people we love and trust, who understand our frustrations and annoyances. This is totally acceptable, in fact, believe me, it is a necessity. Without that vent you’d go crazy. And be the idiot who rants all over the place and had to delete like a mad thing. Sadly not before someone has seen it, taken the screen shot and outed you big time.

Whatever you feel like you just do not offend those people who might spend their hard earned pennies on your books.


I honestly think we, as Evernight authors, are very lucky. We have a fantastic team who support us in every step of the way. Not only that, we authors support, encourage, shout, nag, high five, and hug each other when needed. Plus do the kick up the butt, hand out chocolate, and more than that understand what each one of us are going through.


So, you remember the old slogan, think before you drink and drive?


We need to adapt that to, think, before you type, before you send.

The delete button is your friend…

Computer keyboard closeup with "Delete" text on green enter key

Happy reading,

Love, R x

7 thoughts on “Raven says…Think before you type and send…

  1. So, so, so true. I can’t begin to tell you how often I’ll start typing a reply and then delete it all without posting. It’s a skill it took me a while to learn but I’m glad I did and I wish others would, too.


  2. I couldn’t agree more, Raven. I equate it to visiting a zoo and not feeding the animals. There are some idiots that do it and they are escorted off the property. It’s not healthy and in the end, these people could be killing the animal.

    I remember reading a review giving one of my romance books a two star because it had four swear words in it. It offended her. Hey, it’s her opinion and her reaction to the book. Did I call her names and tell all my friends to rip her? No way! That would be career suicide. Did I want to? Sure, I’m human.

    Authors need to stop bashing/pestering reviewers, bloggers, readers, publishers, editors, cover artists, agents, etc. It’s bad form and it could very well kill your career.


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