Adult Romance with @aprilzyon

Hello and welcome to Wicked Wednesday’s with me, April Zyon.

So you see the title of this post and you are questioning me. Yes, we all know that I write adult romance but lately I’ve been trying to read a bit more as well (because as an author this is learning!) and here is something that I’ve found that is bugging the shit out of me.

If you write adult romance, write freaking damn adults!

I swear if I read one more book where the heroine is too stupid to live and flits around like she’s a 12 year old child in piggy tails and short skirts and socks I might just scream.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are those kinks and those are all perfectly fine however when you pick up an adult romance book to read (shifter-crime family in this case) and the girl child heroine is acting like a petulant child because her dragon shifter mates won’t give in to her and allow her to jump on the hood of the car as they are driving down the road so she can “car surf” (which I’ve done btw – when I was a teenager and have the scars to prove it. LOL) while she was pregnant. She even went on to stomp her feet (kid you not) and “pout prettily just for them” just to get her way.

This just floored me. The woman was supposed to be in her middle thirties and acted like a child, and that was just one occasion in the book.

So I guess that the long and short of this post is this…


  • Write your character in its age that you have them
    • If the characters are into age play, make sure that its written that they are doing just that
  • If you have a character that you know from the start is going to act very child-like – don’t have the character in their 30s, 40s and even 50s
  • Write your character true to themselves – don’t change them mid-story (I’ve caught myself doing this …. often!)
  • This doesn’t go with the age thing but for the love of fucks sake – don’t have your hero beating the shit out of your heroine and her loving him for it. There is spanking and Domination – and then there is battered women’s syndrome.

Okay, enough ranting from me! Now, onto the beautiful men of Wednesday!


***Please note, I do not own any of these images, I’m simply sharing them from Facebook. Furious Fotog – Whoa, everyone should visit them on FB and Twitter. Just sayin…

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