Oh the things you will do & a bit of advice

My daughter graduated on June 5th and the young lady who was their key speaker quoted Dr. Seuss. I found this was very sweet, and listening to this 19 year old child talking about going out and the things that you can do made me realize, damn, she’s right! 

It isn’t about the popularity contests that are hidden behind the facade of Kindle Worlds, it isn’t about who people think you should be but the who that you know that you are.


These words are so true.

It’s funny but I had forgotten just how much Dr. Seuss had his shit together until I re-read several of his books.

Funny how I learned this from a 19 year old child.

Here is another one that applies to all authors, no matter what genre that you write…



The biggest thing is to keep on thinking. 🙂

It’s funny. When I first began to write I didn’t know what to expect and now here is some advice that I will give you all..


  1. Keep writing, never stop
  2. Keep dreaming
  3. Keep growing your writing
  4. Read (Seriously, keep reading)
  5. Stay active on Social Media
  6. Listen and learn from your editors, they have been at this longer than you have and they know what they are doing
  7. If you are rejected, ask why
  8. If you receive a revise and resubmit, listen to them because they know what they are talking about
  9. Talk to other authors
  10. Take classes if you can – there are a lot of free ones out there online
  11. If you are writing something that you have no idea about (ie: fireman, policeman, etc) see if you can find someone who is in this job and talk to them. Ask for generalities not “how to get away with murder” and so on.
  12. Look to your fellow authors for help as well
  13. Stay positive (this one is hard, I know, but it will help a lot!)
  14. Find your own groove, not live in someone else’s
  15. Write daily (yes I know that was #1, but it deserves repetition) even if it is 100 words, write every single day
  16. If you find yourself stuck, re-read your ms from the start
  17. Outline your book, if you can. It can be a very loose outline, or it can be chapter by chapter outline, it will help you in the long run
  18. Never give up on your passion or yourself
  19. Know that if you are drawn to writing, its for a reason. You have a story to tell, so tell it


That’s it for me today darlings. So, now the fun part of Wednesdays! Wicked Wednesdays!


Today’s images come from Hot & Sexy Men on Facebook. Check them out now. 🙂

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