Raven’s Thursday thoughts on … Help needed…

Raven says why you can ask for help.

Help needed, apply within…



This is a wee bitty late going up, and I’m sorry folks. My fault.

Let me tell you a story.

Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I’ll begin.

(For those of you too young to remember or living over the pond, this was how a popular children’s story time began aeons ago.)

Last week I started a short story under my Kera Faire name. It’s the third story which revolves around the Dark Island on the loch and is due to round off the series.

All went swimmingly, (apt when it’s about an island eh?) until I didn’t get a chance to write over the weekend.

On Monday I reread what I’d written so far and it just didn’t seem ‘right’.

I needed help.

Luckily I have a Doris. A reditor as we call it. We red pen each other’s stories, give advice asked for and unasked for and yes we are honest and at time brutal.

She, bless her asked if I wanted it reading through in a ‘oner’. Now again I’ll explain that we throw bits at each other all the time. Ask for help with words, phrases and why a sentence sounds ‘clunky’ or whatever. That’s as we write. Then we get the M/S and get stuck in.

So I sent over what I had written so far, and she told me very bluntly, I wasn’t going deep enough. Oh and my hero was thinking with his dick too much.

She was right. I’d got it into my head it was a short story, not a story that needed to be written for as long as it needed writing.


I needed that help, was grateful for it, and now it’s all steam ahead again.


And the moral of this post?


Never ever be afraid to ask for help. Another person’s view can be just what’s needed to pep up and tighten up a story. You need to trust each other and understand how you both write of course. There’d no point getting someone to read erotica who only likes to read about closed doors, or someone who hates religion to read a book that is about that subject.

However that apart, its so good to have those extra pair of eyes,

After all you don’t have to take it on board, and we don’t all the time. But if your beta reader sees something is ‘off’, might not the acquisition editor, or eventually, your readers?


Happy reading,


Love Raven

and in this post, Kera as well J



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