To do, or not to do… #SensualSunday (@AuthorMoira)


Moira here welcoming you back to another #SensualSunday. Posting a little later than normal because I totally, like totally dude!, forgot about it this week. Been doing a dozen different things and then I suddenly sat down and realized the time. Oops!

Today’s topic is about common sense when on Social Media. This has been touched on by several other authors on this page, but this is my take on it. So take from it what you Netzwerk - Social Media - Der Mensch im Zentrumwill. When I say Social media I mean Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or whatever floats your boat. As in life there are rules to be followed when posting, as in blogging, to the Net. Not that everyone follows them, as we all know.

But as authors we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard. I’m not talking about perfection because we’re only human after all. But you need to be conscious about what you put out there. To your readers, and followers, it is a reflection of who you are as a person. While this may well not be true, we all have bad days where we’ve said something we probably shouldn’t have and would really like to recall, to our “friends” it reads as a part of who we are.

Rule #1: Would you say it to someone you know and love?
Rule #2: Would you want your child, or another young person to repeat it?
Rule #3: Do you want this to be what you are known forever for?
Rule #4: Do you really, REALLY need to say it?
Rule #5: Is it helpful to the situation or are you just blowing smoke?
Rule #6: Will it hurt you in the future?

Now, this is the short list of rules for whenever I make a post online, but you get the drift. The key to it all is – WILL THIS FOLLOW YOU TO THE END OF DAYS. Because a) the Computer keyboard closeup with "Delete" text on green enter keyNet never forgets anything; and b) there is always someone out there that can screen grab faster than your brain yells “YOU IDIOT! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!”. Trust me on that.

So whenever you are about to post on Social Media, or a blog, be aware that you are “talking” to a diverse group. Yes not everyone may get your particular humor, maybe tone it down a little unless it’s in your group or a group with similar tastes. Yes people out there really do get offended about pretty much anything and everything. And yes people do need to learn to take life with a grain of salt. But until the world gets over this “I’m offended by your suggestion that I shouldn’t be be offended by this offensively offensive post” stage, take a step back, evaluate, and post with your eyes wide open.

Also, never post while exhausted, under the influence of anything (ie: alcohol, prescription medication, illness, etc), or in a foul mood. Remember, the Internet never forgets and someone will have screen grabbed it by the time you may be thinking clearly again. It’s better to be known for your skills as an author than to go down in flaming glory because you couldn’t keep your fingers off the keyboard.

Until next weekend post wisely, post safely, and keep it real.

XO Moira Callahan

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