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Good morning everyone. Kacey here, and Happy Saturday! Welcome to the weekend! I hope it’s full of fun and laughter.

Recently I had 2 Facebook “takeovers” that I enjoyed immensely. What is a takeover, first of all…a takeover is when an author gets anywhere from  30 to 60 minutes in a group on facebook (other other social places) that is hosted by another author, and the author taking over during that times gets to have that amount of time for themselves, to discuss their work, books, fun stuff and for readers to get to know the author a bit more personally.

As I said, I enjoyed myself a lot in both chats, which were the same day and then I received an private message from an aspiring author, whom I’ve known for a few months now. It was a positive discussion between this author and myself, but it brought to mind that not all of us know of these Facebook takeovers, author chats, etc. (and prompted this post for today).

Authors have the responsibility to promote every new book — as much or as little as they deem necessary — and added to that can be chats with readers periodically. There is more beyond just penning that amazing story, and authors have to embrace the full circle of the business. Now, I’m not saying EVERY single author wants to / enjoys doing these chats, etc., but it’s something that can being you a) more readers, b) having some extra fun after all the hard work is done, and c) more fun!!! Who doesn’t want more fun in their lives, right? *g*

These chats can be fast paced, over before you know it, but part of the job if you want to engage readers on a deeper level. An author should be there for their readers as well. Be open to their opinions on your stories — you know what they say about opinions — but be open-minded, take the good compliments with some discouraging comments (do NOT be their punching bags of course!), but just be open to building readerships, friendships with readers, and open up your world beyond the story to so much more than you ever imagined.

I have a street team / reader group who are amazing to me. I try to encourage interaction as much as possible, and they all know to come to me — via email or private message — anytime to discuss books, characters, even a problem they may have. I think authors can build good, solid foundations with the readers who enjoy their work, cheer for their characters and inspire more and more writing. All my “Heroines” (my group is “Hammell’s Heroines”) are so encouraging and amazing for inspiration, I’m blessed to have them all in my life.

We write because we love it, first and foremost, but also to reach other people with our stories and words. It’s wonderful and very empowering to know there are readers out there waiting — IMpatiently LOL — for more of our stories. And it’s mind-blowing to sit back and discuss everything and anything during an author chat/takeover, and know that we have prompted a reader to drop everything and go buy one of our books.

But in the end, while it’s a sale, it could also be the beginning of a great reader/author relationship for a long time to come. So be open to meeting new readers, listening to their thoughts and opinions, and be inspired by them. It’s all part of the author journey that is amazing!


Until next week,

Kacey (2)



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