Raven says no highjacking please, it’s so not good.

Raven’s ramblings and Thursday thoughts on…Hijacking is not allowed.


I’m not talking train planes and automobiles, although it is definitely relevant there.

No, I’m talking threads, posts, or tweets that aren’t yours.

fountain pen Whose? Not mine? Eh? Read on…

Now we all like to take part in discussions. Add our two pennorth and all that. Which is fine and right. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any discussion.

Therefore, when someone posts a ‘what are we all up to today’ post, then you can pimp yourself on it to your hearts content. Okay you might get banned if you go over the top, but to say ‘well I’m writing my book on thermonuclearhotbods, and loving it or whatever is perfectly acceptable’.

But to say it on a post about someone else’s book. To barge in with ‘look at me, look at me,’ is not.


We need to remember what the theme of the post is.

So, as I said above, if for instance it’s about someone’s new release, the last thing you do is hijack the thread so it’s about you or your book.

Or you dog or next door’s sexy hunk of a hubby. Or whatever.

Unless the instigator of the thread asks for that. You know here is the cover of my new book who does the hero remind you of sort of stuff.

But even then, it’s not your thread. Not your book and not your time to push yourself.

Start a new thread for that.

It seems to be something that happens more and more. Okay it can be a mistake. Hold your hand up and admit it. Apologise and delete the, me, me, ohhh me bit.

Remember to think before you press enter.

It’s easy to do, this ooops this is not my thread thing and oh lordy I’ve hijacked it. Seriously I reckon we’ve all done it at one time or another.

But, we learned from our mistakes. You carry on like that and one of several things might happen.

That person blocks you. Bans you. Unfriends you. Says why. Other people comment.

You’ll soon be persona non grata, and all for the want of a little thought.

Go forth and create your own.

You know you can do it.


On that note feel free to hijack this and tell me what you think…


Happy reading,

love R x

12 thoughts on “Raven says no highjacking please, it’s so not good.

  1. Hangs head in shame. I will freely admit that in our EP authors group when someone’s said they’re waiting on a submission I raise my hand and say – me too! – but not to hijack, just to commiserate. But you are so spot on, this is so good. Same with someone wishing a person a happy release day and they go on and say, oh if you liked this book you will like this one too (same author, same series) – dude – I just wished you happy release day…… that’s it……

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  2. I wish I had a book out to be able to do these things… But yes, as with every other tweet, not just book releases, I’ve had personal conversations between two people going on on mine! One day, I shall have that book release, and one day I will have to remember……


    • It’s not just books Awen as you so rightly point out. And to be blunt, it’s rude. It’s not difficult for those people to set up their own thread, instead of taking over someone else’s. And your book out day will come…


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