Wicked Wednesday’s with April Zyon (@aprilzyon)

Hello my darlings and happy Wednesday to you all! I hope that you are all having a fabulous day on this first day of June. Crazy right? It’s June-freaking-first! Wow.

It’s the time for spring flowers and days of heat which really suck. I truly hate the hot weather.

That’s neither here or there though now is it?

Okay, so I’ve been on a kick lately with television, movies, and even books. I will look at one and be all like – OH! That looks amaze-balls! Then I will learn that its the start of Season Six.



You see, I’m one of those people who can’t start something in the middle. I have to start at the beginning. Therefore I’ve been binge watching on Netflix things like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy (don’t hate me) and on HBO Game of Thrones.

BUT I’ve also started to buy books like crazy too. I need to read more and know it.

That brings me to today’s thought of mine…

This drove me up the freaking wall when I realized this and honestly? It pissed me off!

Okay – here is the deal – and I am not trying to offend ANYONE at all, but as a reader I want to say this.

**excuse the all caps but I feel its warranted**


I do realize that when you are with a publisher you can’t put that distinction out on the book, however you can let your readers know via Social Media outlets.

If you are an India author, please, please ensure that your books are listed as serials and not series. I ask this because I saw a book and the premise looked AWESOME! I wanted to read it and I purchased it.

I paid $6.99 for this book because I wanted to read it that badly.


Only to find out that it was the SIXTH book with the same heroine but two different heroes / lovers. I went back through the previous five books and found that she switches lovers from one (a gargoyle) to the other (a demon) and the sixth book picks up where I guess the fifth book left off and I was seriously lost from the get go.


That’s how I felt. I felt blank. Frustrated. Empty.

If I had known that this was book 6 of a serial I wouldn’t have purchased it because to be honest, I can’t pay $6.99 per book for god only knows how many books in his so called “series”.

I was so upset because I spent the money and I don’t like returning books because I know how that feels as an author. So I wasted essentially the cost of a value meal at McDonald’s (although TBH, missing that does me good!) but also time. Time wasted reading a book that I have no idea how she hooked up with the gargoyle and dragon and time I have no idea how it will turn out because it – you guessed it – ended in a cliff hanger.





Here is what I was told the difference between a series and a serial set of books are…


Serials – Same main characters, in romance same main love interests, just in different situations. For example – Ted and Marty go to a party and meet Fred. They take him home and he becomes their third. (this is the first book) In the second book Marty and Fred go on vacation and Ted comes days later. And on and on. It’s the same X number of characters living out various times in their lives, building each time on the previous book. For a serial to pull me in I have to REALLY love the author and the premise has to pull me in. I’ve read a few that I’m totally hooked on, however sadly not enough to pay $6.99 per book for, especially for a heroine who can’t decide which hero she wants. Growls. The key point here is that with serials, they really can’t be standalone books.

Series –  You can think of a series as more like a town of people, each person is a character and they will all get their own – standalone – books. With series books there is no need to read the previous X number of books to “catch up” to what is happening. Of course its good so that you know who the neighbors are, but its not necessary. The key with a series is that they can be standalone books.


It does not mean that I’m right and they are wrong, not at all! Everyone has their own definition and I respect that and most of the serial’s that I’ve read make sure that you know that the book is book X of X or the author tells you in their Social Media that its a serial book.

I felt cheated and I hated that feeling, I guess that’s why I’m all ranty and I don’t mean to be.

Now I will tell you again that I have read some serials that are awesome and I will continue to read them, and I’ve read some series (Catherine Coulter’s FBI Suspense series come to mind) books that seem to be serials from time to time but there is always something / someone new in them and for a romance that’s always good, not for the main characters of course but adding characters to build into that world.

Okay, now if you have made it this far you deserve deliciousness for your eyes!

Today’s men come to us from Hottest Men with Tattoos – go by Facebook and give them some love!

7 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday’s with April Zyon (@aprilzyon)

    • I hate it with a passion. I mean for real! I guess in this “series” I bought the middle book of she stated with one man, went to the other in the next book, went back to man 1, then man 2 and so on. GROWLS!!!! I effing hate that!!


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