Taking a moment #SensualSunday (@AuthorMoira)


Moira here welcoming you back to another #SensualSunday. This week I’m not doing a big post. Instead I thought I’d keep it short to allow all of you to enjoy the weekend.

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., a time to thank all those who gave their lives to allow us the freedoms we all enjoy. While I’m Canadian I have a profound gratitude for the men and women of the U.S. military. They have gone in, along with their allies, to keep our world a place where we all have the right to say and think whatever we want, although some should really reconsider. But that’s another story for another day which is not today.

Enjoy your weekend, and remember why you have the opportunity to enjoy that barbecue you’re having with the neighbors, to fly the flag of your choice, and to be who you want to be whatever that might be. Some gave all…

XO Moira Callahan

memorial day vintage american flag

Vector funeral card with candle and place for text

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