Raven rambles…about write where you can, not where you think you should

Raven says, write where you can not where you think you should…

Now before you all ask me what planet I’m on and go hunting for medication I do mean where on this occasion.

Where as in inside, outside, the study the bed, the downstairs loo?

Chapter one

In front of a blank wall, a picture window or by a pool with a glass of wine. (I do rather favour that one myself.) On a plane, (oh yes, every time) a train or a bus.

Music on or in silence.

Where, to some people matters. I accept that to some of you, you can’t get distracted so have to look at a wall. Or need a view for inspiration.

Or like me you can blank out the word and write anywhere.

And honestly, what does it matter? There is no one way to sit and write. I swear one of these days I’m going to sub a story called bathroom floors I have sat upon and typed. On our travels, if we’re in a hotel and I’m awake before hubby, (as usual) I take my pillows and a bathrobe into the bathroom and write in there. Then I don’t wake him up.

I write on long haul flights, in airport lounges and yes by a pool with a glass of wine.


And of course more often than not at my desk.

I personally like a view, if I have the chance. Knowing there’s something lovely to look at, I tend not to. But, if I’m somewhere with no view, I have a habit of getting up to find one.

Until I get into the zone, and then I could be anywhere. I’m lucky, I can block of the TV, birdsong, noisy tourists lost in the lane, kids in a swimming pool and the drone of plane engines.


I never block off those magic words, would you like a glass of wine, though.

So, the upshot of this blog is don’t let anyone tell you where you should write. Or that there is a ‘right’ way regarding where to write.

There isn’t.

Happy writing,

Love Raven xx

(Writing on her laptop, sitting in a garden chair, shaded by a garden umbrella, by the pond with yes, you’ve guessed it, a glass of wine.)

4 thoughts on “Raven rambles…about write where you can, not where you think you should

  1. As a shop assistant I often find my self stuck on a till with no customers when inspiration strikes… Nearly everyday I go home with pieces of till roll in my pocket, covered in ideas lol.


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