The End… #TuesdayThoughts from Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello lovely peeps Doris here with her Tuesday Thoughts.

You know there is something magical in typing those two words under your work in progress – The End.



Two little words that make this writer very giddy indeed because the work in progress is now officially a manuscript. Well, more of a first draft than a manuscript, because The End isn’t really The End.

Far from it. You might even say now the real work begins. You see, for me at least writing is the fun part. The creating of this particular set of characters’ love story is always a privilege, even if, at times, it doesn’t feel like it.

Yesterday saw me type The End under book 2 in my Cleaners series at just under 54 K. Yey me, especially as this story took me just over a month to write. For me that’s quite a long time, especially when you think that I wrote the last 13 K of that story in three days.

See what I mean when I say that month was a long time for me. Real life got in the way see, and at times I simply didn’t feel like writing. Shock, horror, gasp… I know, right?

You know what though? That’s okay, because forcing words onto paper, when you’re not really feeling them…. that’s never going to be your best work.

I knew I had to simply go with it and write when I can. You could say this story was written in fits and bursts.


Anyway, back on topic.

I squealed like a loon escaped from the loony bin when I typed those magical two words. Has to be done, you know, even though, like I said my work is far from over.

Now I need to go back and make sure that all those ramblings actually make sense, fix the gazillion of typos, address the repeat words, over long sentences, ing words, passive voice (yes, it does still sneak into my writing when I’m not looking) and that one word or phrase that I over use in this manuscript.

They tend to change with me from story to story, and what’s more I might not even see it. That’s when your beta reader/s come in.

I wouldn’t dream of submitting any of my stories to a publisher, before the lovely Raven McAllan has cast her rediting eye over it.

So called for the red ink and editing, rediting see?

Well, it makes sense to us, anyway 😉

Once the ms comes back, and trust me some of them come back all the colours of the rainbow, as the lovely Raven points out all the things I missed, I go over it again. Fix any issues, mumble under my breath over ornery beta readers, and then promptly realize she has a point and my hero really was too much of an ass, the heroine was too whiny, whatever, you get the drift.

As the writer you’re simply too close to your own work to see it. Plus you know your characters inside out and what’s crystal clear to you in your mind, will have your reader scratch their head and go, “Say whaaaaat?”


Yet another reason for that second pair of eyes. Apart from anything else they will usually spot if your hero changed eye colour half way through the story,  or you started calling him by the hero’s name of the previous story in that series.

Yes, done that, been there, got the t-shirt…

All too easily done.

Once you’ve fixed everything to the best of your ability, have read and re-read it, you then have to write the dreaded blurb and sucknopsis, draft an e-mail, send it off to your publisher and hope for the best.

Despite you best efforts you will not be able to help your inbox stalking, which in my case usually commences five minutes after I sent the blessed submission. That’s usually also when I see the glaring typo in my covering e-mail, and bang my head on the desk repeatedly,  because I missed it the ten thousand times I read the e-mail before.

Slight exaggeration, but only slight.

Having driven myself completely neurotic, and convinced myself that they hate this story, I then have another loony moment when I get the acceptance e-mail… Or a, Right then let’s do this moment, if I get an R&R. Revise and resubmit, or heaven forbid a rejection.

Thankfully those are rare for me nowadays but you just never know… I certainly don’t take any submission acceptance for granted. The day I do, feel free to tell me to get my  big head out of my back side.

I digress as per usual.

I’m sure you get the picture by now, because then follow cover art forms, several rounds of edits, and eventually release day and the promo that goes with that, and..phew…

Your literary baby is out in that big bad world and has to fend for itself, which really is The End for that particular story anyway.

By that time,  if you’re anything like me, you’ve written those two words under another story, and so on and so forth.

The End!


That’s all from me today, folks.

Do stay naughty,

D xxx


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