The Dreaded Writers Block: Freaky Fridays with Michelle Roth @mroth_author


Well, hello there, darlings! Welcome back to another fantastic (freaky) Friday with Michelle Roth. I think, from time to time, all of us have had the dreaded writers block. It’s painful. It’s unavoidable… Or is it?

I find that most of the time when I’m stuck, it’s because I’m forcing my characters to do things that don’t make sense. I’m making them feel too much, get naked too early, or do something that just doesn’t seem feasible based on the character I developed for them.

I’ll share with you my super simple secret that combats ALL questions, quandaries, conundrums, etc. It’s something my high school english teacher taught me that I kind of modified. (Shout out Ms. Stewart. You were tough but you didn’t let me get away with being lazy. Adult me respects that.)

All that’s required is some cold, hard honesty about your work.

Why, Why, Why, How?


This story is stalling out on chapter four. I don’t know where to take the characters from here. It feels…. off and I can’t move past it.


Well, I’ve got my characters involved in a conversation doesn’t really have a point or an end. It might be too premature in their relationship to discuss this because they can’t be in love or I don’t really have an internal conflict.


They literally just met three days ago. They shouldn’t be talking about love just yet. Especially the hero.


The hero is anti-relationship. This is wayy wayyyyy too early for him to start voicing anything he might be feeling.

How can we fix that shit?

Re-evalute the necessity of the conversation. Tweak the tone. Scrap it altogether and turn the scene into something more befitting the characters. 

Now, obviously this is a WAYYYY simplified version, but you get my point, right? Rather than lamenting about the block, or trying to plow through it, take a moment to examine the root cause. You’re likely uninspired to move the story forward because something isn’t right. You’re not feeling the writing, the characters, or the story itself. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself why that is. 😉



2 thoughts on “The Dreaded Writers Block: Freaky Fridays with Michelle Roth @mroth_author

  1. Yep, usually when I get stuck, it’s because I haven’t listened to the characters, and try to get them to do something that just isn’t working.

    Fab post, Michelle. 🙂


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