A little reflection… #SensualSunday (@AuthorMoira)


Moira here welcoming you back to another #SensualSunday. My post today is definitely much more relaxed, and rather thematic. More about that right after this special announcement…

First and foremost I want to wish all the mother’s out there, and visiting here, a happy Mothers Day. You have one of the hardest gigs around. As a formerly rambunctious and more than a little bit of a wild child, I salute you. I know I tested my own mother’s resolve many a time, but since I’m still here I guess that bond between mother and child won the day, lol!

Happy Mother's Day card with three red roses

Which leads me into my post for today. My own personal thank you to my mother for encouraging my love of the written word.

She taught me many things in life along with my father. Among them were how to ride a bike, how to cook and bake, and how to read my very first book. She picked me up while teaching me how to pick myself up, dust off, and try and try again until I succeeded. They taught me to set goals and figure out how to achieve them while being a strong, independent woman. She also taught me to persevere, to go big or go home, and to always keep my eye on the ball.

Otherwise you’ll end up with a ball to the face, and that shit hurts!

Dream journey - Little Girl On Vintage Suitcase At SunsetMy mother encouraged my imagination every single day. Throwing me out the door to play in the yard, at the neighbors, or in the local playground. Summers were for being outside with my friends playing games and going on grand adventures. We played all the traditional games, and made up a few of our own. I’ve flown a plane, gone to the stars, and traveled the world within my own imagination. I was always an imaginative child, coming up with stories in my head that could be acted out in play. I think this helped me more than I can say in becoming an author. Without that early training, the freedom of childhood provided by my parents to explore, who knows where I’d be.

fairy bookBooks were another gateway to expand my own inner musings beyond what I knew up to that point. Traveling to the lush landscape of Scotland with sexy men in kilts, behind the scenes with a sexy billionaire boss being naughty with a co-worker, to any number of scenarios in the paranormal realm and out into the stars in the distant future. Romance has been my first love, but not my only, when it comes to reading material. Again I have my mother to thank for that. Smuggling her Harlequins into my room late at night to devour before a new day came started the love affair I found in the romance genre. From there the natural progression into other genres within romance itself came as I got older and could go buy my own romance novels.

So while I may not admit to her out loud that I was reading her romance novels under the blankets in the wee hours of the morning, my mother is the reason I’m doing what I love to do now. She unknowingly gave me the key to finding my path as an author.

From the bottom of my heart mom, I thank you.

XO Moira Callahan

Strong man with athletic body

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