Kacey’s MIA, but Left Treats… #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)




As a writer, I take this to heart.

Good morning all. Kacey here again … kinda! LOL

As I posted last week, I’m currently away, partying it up with readers and authors in Canada’s Capital at the Romancing the Capital Book Signing so today’s post will be a pause in my Part 1 (last week) & 2 postings (will be posted on May 14).

So this week’s post is fun stuff — inspiring pix of hot men, sexy ladies — I’m sure all writers can find something that might inspire a word or two, or a whole story! *g* I’ve been obsessed with many of them, some are new obsessions. All very affectionately considered … MINE! LOL

(Disclaimer: I own none of these photos.)

Just look at them all. Stunning, gorgeous, flawless, exquisite & always inspiring by their looks (I’m not ashamed to admit it), but by the roles they play.

And always remember, writing can only be mastered and enhanced by reading as much as you can!! Read, soak up, be a sponge to every piece of literature you can!!


OH YES!! Yes it is!! ❤


See you next week!

Happy writing & reading.

Kacey (2)



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