Raven’s Ramblings on not very much really…

Raven’s Rambling Thursday Thoughts…

Hold on do I have any?

And for once it seems my gabby, nosy, noisy muse has gone on strike.

I got to wondering why. And daft though it seems, I reckon its relief.

Read on.

I’m a lucky, married to my perfect man, woman. No, he’s not perfect, far from it and nor am I. But we love each other, compliment each other, and mesh. Enjoy each other’s company and accept we both have jobs/hobbies/whatever you call it that we don’t do together.

I write.

He often has to go away for work. Often to the other side of the world. I’m not complaining, that’s life and boy is it good when he comes home. Wink

But I do go through some ups and downs when he first goes on each trip. A couple of lovely good friends get a lot of my mutterings, (you know who you are and boy am I glad of you) until I settle down and get on with life. Usually the next day.

However for some reason, this time it took longer. No idea why. I read, took long baths and mumped a bit. (Okay a lot) Then I got into gear and wrote a short story, and on to the first bit of a Regency romance and here we are.

bathn book

Hubby came home today and it was so good to see him. Everything but relief left my brain. He’s home and okay yeah he has to go to work, but not abroad for a few weeks. No more waking up every hour and wondering why the bed is lonely. No more thinking I don’t wanna… *insert whatever you wish*

Relief. He’s home.

So it’s our time and everything else sort of drifted away.

And you know what? That’s fine. For all of us. We might be writers and when we’re in the zone it takes over everything I know. (oops that reminds me does Dh have an ironed shirt for work tomorrow? As he’s jet lagged and asleep, no chance to find out until tomorrow. Guess who might be up at silly o’clock yawning over the ironing board?

Anyway, as ever, I digress. There is nothing wrong with letting relief take over for a while. Forgetting everything and taking me time. (well us time)

I find it very hard to switch off from writing. Hell, I take my lap top on holiday and write for an hour or so before anyone else gets up. Strangely I find it relaxing. But I don’t stress if I don’t feel like adding words.

That’s how I feel now, so sorry if you roll your eyes at this. I guess what I’m saying we all have times when we just do not know what to write, and that’s okay.

When it’s time it will all flow again…

Happy relaxing, relief or writing.

Love R x

4 thoughts on “Raven’s Ramblings on not very much really…

  1. Just found your ramblin’ page yesterday,and I’m glad I did. I’m not a writer, but I do like to read and already enjoy your blog. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who occasionally needs a little break from whatever project I’m working on and who loves and misses her man when he’s absent. Cheers!


    • Thanks so much for commenting. I think we often forget it’s okay to have ‘me time’ and not feel guilty. I’m writing again today, and already used to the snores at night…


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