Raven says…Age is just a number

Hi all, Raven’s rambling again and pondering on…Age is just a number. You’re only as old as who you feel…

47..23…101…19…37…78… you get the idea?

Yes I did say who, not how, but if you prefer how, be my guest. As the person I feel is 4 years younger than me, I’ll stick to ‘who’.

Why am I saying this?

Well I was asked if I wasn’t a bit old to be writing ‘smut’… Yeah that word again and not my choice, and hubby came up with the who you feel quote. I didn’t bother to pass it on.

I ignored them.

You know I didn’t even bother to comment or stick up for myself. I mean, what is there to say except, ‘no’. Some people have fixed ideas and expectations, and me saying why, won’t change them.

Even if I came back with, ‘Aren’t you too old to chew gum/wear tight jeans/sing along to the radio’ or whatever, if wouldn’t do any good.

So I don’t bother. and actually 69 is a very good number *snigger*

I ignore them.

This all ties in with the, can’t you write something different, is it all from experience posts. For whatever reason what we write will not suit everyone. Some people will just agree to disagree and read something else. Others will try to belittle you, or tell you what you do is wrong.

Ignore them. Do you tell them they are too old to be a lawyer or a teacher, say you don’t like that they do and can’t they change? Of course not. But authors seem to be fair game.

Ignore them.

Oh it’s hard. I want to say things, throw things and childishly stick my tongue out. But I don’t. Instead I have been known to put them in the next book being tortured or jilted or whatever. It doesn’t matter, they’ll never read it, and it makes me feel s helluva lot better.

writer at workjpeg

Whether your 21 or 91 or anywhere in between, it doesn’t matter. You are who you are and what you are. Rejoice and celebrate.

Age is just a number.

You need a thick skin in this business, but you’ll grow one.

Portrait of a rhinoceros

Now excuse me I’ve got to go and feel how old I am…

Happy reading (and feeling)

love, R x

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