Food and writing #WickedWednesday @aprilzyon

Food. food20rainbow

Food is something that we all have to have to live, much like as a writer we have to have something to write with or on.

Another thing writers need is inspiration. I know, I know, I’ve talked about inspiration before but that isn’t what this post is. Nope, I’m just seriously rambling so bare with me here on this journey.

When I’m writing I often will realize that what I’m feeling, thinking, craving, doing at the moment comes out in my writing. I know just how silly that sounds but there you have it. If you’ve ever read my books and I talk about food you know I’m hungry. If I talk about making a dish, yep, I’ve made it and if I talk about sleeping I’ve slept or am going to sleep.

I’ve also realized that this isn’t exactly something that is good for my writing. This is filling that isn’t necessarily needed and its a habit that I’m trying to break.

Ah, look I’m starting to make progress in my diatribe aren’t I?

That’s right, even *I* can learn and that’s a good thing, right?

Okay, so here is the skinny on this post before I get too far out into left field.

After you’ve written your book go through it and look for repetition as well as filler. Take away the filler so that you have the delicious plot that you cooked up in your mind.

After all you wouldn’t take your families favorite recipe and add a shit-ton of flavorings, seasonings and so on, would you? No. Just, no.

So take my advise on this and go back through your MS before you send it in, AFTER you have taken a few days off of it. Your readers will appreciate it and you will find that the leaner the MS is doesn’t mean that its a bad book, it simply means that you’ve followed your outline or the thought in the depths of your soul and you have written the book you set out to write and didn’t add too much to it to bog it down and add additional calories that it didn’t need.

I hope that my ramblings made sense, now I want a snack. LOL 🙂

So now then my darlings, why you *really* came here…

Wicked Wednesday pics…

** This weeks Wicked Wednesday images come from Wicked Hot Cowboys on Facebook. I do not own the images, they are the property of the photographer and model, not me. **



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