Stop the world I have to get off. Raven’s Thursday thoughts

Hi all, Raven here with apologies and cookies. This Raven’s Thursday thoughts blog post is late.

I’m sorry, but there is a reason. I needed to take a step back and smell the daisies. Forget about words, writing and what have I got to do next. Just grab a coffee, eat a cookie and check out the tadpoles in the pond. Have a long, lingering bath, chat to hubby about everyday things, and breathe.

daisies (daisies,go smell ’em)

And you know, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Neither should you, if you shut your computer down, take a deep breath and go and do something else.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves a chance to regroup. To forget we have a deadline, revisions or edits, and remember we have a life as a person, not just an author.

I’ve just typed ‘the end’ on a 70K Regency that had to be finished. I wrote like crazy, researched my facts until I went boggle-eyed, made typos, caught them (I hope) got cramp and eventually leaned back with a satisfied sigh.

Then I shut my laptop and sat in the sun. (Yes it was sunny in Scotland yesterday. That was summer. Snow is forecast over the weekend.)

I deliberately didn’t start to check it over. Ignored the imp of ‘write me next’ that’s lurking in my mind, and refused to think what I have to do, writing wise. I was taking time out. I read a book.

Author photo

Okay that was yesterday, and now I’m itching to reread, and send the story to my editor, make notes on the next one and type again like crazy.

All the better for the time out.

Never be afraid to take that step back, and say enough, this is ‘me’ time. You won’t regret it, and no one will mind. I promise it will refresh you, give you new ideas and hey, the tadpoles are wriggling like crazy. Who’d want to miss that?

Happy reading,

Love R x

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