Well NOW What Do I Write?

Ravennas Monday MumblingsWelcome to Ravenna’s Monday Mumblings!! 

The last book in The Weathermen series has been accepted by Evernight Publishing!! And I went through massive withdrawal while writing it, so badly that it took me much longer to finish it than it should have.

I miss my Weathermen already. 🙂

Through struggling to finish the last book in that series, the question on my mind was… what the heck do I write next?

How do writers decide such a thing, after spending nearly a year with the same characters, the same setting, the same threads running through a twelve-book series? It’s not easy for authors who write the way I do.

I’m such a linear writer that it’s difficult for me to write a series unless I go through the entire thing, from one book to the next. I did veer away from The Weathermen twice to write books #2 and #3 of my Love Times Three series, but those were short stories and it didn’t distract me.

But when I got to book #12, the LAST book, I had so much doubt. What should I write next? I have three series in rough outline form. THREE. Which one gets the most attention? Which one will readers accept from me, after having spent a year reading a sci-fi/futuristic series with billionaires as heroes?

shifter cat eyesIf I write another billionaire series, even if the setting or time period is different, will readers think it’s the same old, same old and not bother?

If I venture off into paranormal romance and write my shifter series, will they turn away because they associate me with writing sci-fi/futuristic romance?

Me, the woman who makes decisions on the fly and then sticks to them because I always trust my instincts, was in a tizzy over this for months.

I’ve seen other writers post polls, asking what their readers would like to see next. That works great if you have several series ongoing, and haven’t done what I normally do – write all the books in a row within a series and then end it.

So … what did I finally decide to do?

I did finally ask my readers, and they want shifters next. I’m ready to try writing that genre again, but the characters from a dark romance I want to write are also vying for attention. And man are they are LOUD.

typing catSo… I’m going to try something entirely different for me. I’m going to ALTERNATE writing the two series. It means it will take longer until the next submission, but when I’m ready, I will have TWO books to submit to my publisher.

Then, I will likely write the first book in the third series. I may even alternate that with the second book in one of the first two series, assuming of course Evernight accepts the books!

Can you tell how stressed and conflicted I still am over this? 

I don’t really have words of wisdom for you on this topic, except to say that every writer is different. The process by which we plan out stories and series is as unique as our voices. We have to find the groove that works for US. And it’s also okay to change things up once in a while. It can pull you out of a rut, or in my case, out of a mindset that was keeping me from finishing a crucial book.

Dale Carnegie success and funThe most important thing in all of this is to have FUN. When it stops being fun, it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re doing, and fix whatever is bothering you.

6 thoughts on “Well NOW What Do I Write?

  1. Amen!! I hear ya, sister! And I know you are going to rock out doing 3 series at once. You know where you want the books to go, how to get the there and you know we are going to love them so write. Write like the wind!!! 🙂

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  2. Ahem, only three series? 😉 Sorry, I had to giggle, but then I have such a hyperactive Muse… I’ve lost count how many series I’m writing, have to finish.
    Thankfully, by now, my readers are used to my bunny hopping, genre changing, always on the look out for the next plot bunny muse.

    In my case I write whatever character shouts the loudest. Right now that is my new series called The Cleaners, though for reasons best known to my muse I woke up with the start of the next Viking book in my head…

    Yeah, I’ve told that heroine to go and take a hike for now. lol

    It’s a crazy thing, this writing lark, isn’t it? Just as well, we love doing it. 🙂

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  3. Lord, I’m like Doris. I swap between publishers, eras and series oh and heat levels, depending on who shouts loudest. I’m also telling someone to shhh, you can’t have your story told yet…
    not sure they’ll listen…
    you’ll be great whatever you do.

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