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Good morning all. Kacey here with Satisfaction Saturday. Happy weekend!

I’ve received two very important pieces of advice from authors and publishers over the years. I think they are both the main ones that all authors should live by.

First, there’s no better promo than every new release, so keep those books coming!!

But it is the second one that I am mainly touching base on today — Newsletters. Authors should have a newsletter, as I’ve been told, and made sure I have. It is true that each new release bumps an author up in the ratings and their name appears on blogs, social media etc, but it’s those core subscribers/readers who sign up that obviously have an interest in your books. Buttons are already available within the media area for all bookstores, social media, and interchanging template graphics to my own is so easy.

I have seen my rankings on Amazon etc rise once I get my newsletter out. Once that new release, or if no new release, I’ll share a special WIP excerpt or will just do a giveaway for subscribers only, but I always see a rise thanks to those faithful subscribers.

I personally use — — their templates are so remarkably easy to use! I’m not tech savvy and my newsletter is easy peasy. I’m grateful for that. And there are different templates to use — designs to choose from, special announcements, direct from Amazon templates, and more. Plus the advantage of My Author Biz, is that all my contacts are stored, I can keep track of contest winners, addresses, and more. They do a lot for a small fee. I haven’t taken advantage of all aspects at My Author Biz, but it costs me nothing right now to use their contact databases or newsletter templates.  Plus, they add new features every single day!


Some authors also use I tried that one, found it a bit too much for me, and then found MyAuthorBiz. *g*  Some authors simply type up their newsletters in a word program, then make a PDF and send to their subscribers via email. That works too!

My advice obviously to any authors, ensure that you have a newsletter to reach all your readers, and use the right newsletter host that is right for you. It’s important to be in contact at least once a month with your subscribers — never bombard them more than two times a month — with information/events that pertain to your books. That’s what they signed up for!

Feel free to join mine… *g*



Til next week.

Happy Reading

Kacey (2)

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