Where Can I Get Your Book For FREE?

Ravennas Monday Mumblings Welcome to Ravenna’s Monday Mumblings, although this is more of a RANT, than a mumble.

You have been warned.

The simple truth is that downloading ANYTHING without paying for it – be it music, games, movies, and yes … BOOKS … is a CRIME. Got that, people? It’s fucking ILLEGAL. Your argument for doing it is INVALID.

But, Ravenna … I have no money for books! 

Piracy is a crimeUm… do you think I don’t have bills to pay or people in my family to feed??? Why do you think I’m still working a full time job outside the home, in addition to working my ASS off to get books to my publisher at least once a month? Do you think we drive Beemers and live in mansions?? Most of the authors I know in real life work another job, and those who don’t still have bills to pay and mouths to feed. They work their asses off, too, to bring you a release every two or three weeks.

THIS IS OUR JOB. THIS IS OUR PAYCHECK. When you take our stuff for FREE – and I’m not taking legitimately, as in you won it from us, or from another author who was kind enough to BUY the book to use in a giveaway. I’m talking about people who STEAL the books from pirate sites, or who have made a career out of winning all their books from authors in contests, or “borrowing” them from others.

Raven’s post from Thursday, which you can read by clicking HERE, talked about people who expect us to give away our work for free. Please go back and read it if you haven’t.

FBI_Anti-Piracy_Warning_screen_(with_White_Helvetica_Bold_Text)Let me make this clear. Evernight Publishing books are NOT enabled with the legitimate lending capability some Kindle books have. If you “borrow” an e-book without that feature from someone, you then have the file. Forever. It won’t disappear from your Kindle when the borrowing period is over. Which mean you just stole that book because now more than one copy of it exists, but the publisher and the author ONLY GOT PAID FOR ONE.

Obviously, if you download the file from a pirate site, you’ve also STOLEN IT. Same scenario. The publisher and author only got paid for ONE copy, but that ONE file can literally be copied – illegally downloaded – thousands and thousands of times. It’s infinite.

See the difference? 

And NO, a paperback copy is not the same thing. There is only ONE copy of the book in print that’s passed around. The author and the publisher got paid for that ONE copy.

An e-book is a file. It can be copied endless times, but the author and the publisher ONLY GOT PAID FOR ONE COPY. Hence, the copies made and distributed are STOLEN.

Yeah. I realize there’s an entire culture out there who are so fucking entitled they don’t see this as “stealing.” It’s the cyber age, Ravenna. Get with it! EVERYONE does it! It’s not really stealing because otherwise those sites wouldn’t exist!

BULLSHIT. Those sites exist because the laws that should be protecting intellectual property SUCK SWEATY, HAIRY DONKEY BALLS.

sexy pirateThis is my paycheck. This is my JOB. If I hacked into your bank account and took your latest paycheck, it would be stealing. But how about if I said, Well, it’s not really stealing because I was able to get into your site. Would you sit back and say, Oh well, okay then. Go ahead and take that money I earned. It’s cool. I don’t really need it. Of course not!! No sane person would say that!

So why then is it all right for YOU to STEAL MY ROYALTIES? And that’s exactly what you do when you download my work for free, or when you “borrow” the e-book from someone. You have STOLEN it, plain and simple. You can put any spin on it you want, or justify it in your mind anyway you want, but the end result is STILL the same.

If you did not PAY for it, or if I did not GIVE it to you, you have STOLEN it. 

not all pirates are sexyJack Sparrow is a sexy pirate.

But there is nothing sexy about a book pirate. NOTHING.


15 thoughts on “Where Can I Get Your Book For FREE?

  1. AMEN. I received two Google Alerts this morning, telling me about two pirate websites that are offering free downloads of my book. I’ve sent them both DMCAs, of course, but that’s just an exercise in typing. They won’t remove the book. It makes me want to cry.

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    • It’s a never-ending battle, Sandra. It would take working the equivalent of a full time job simply to keep up with it all, and then it wouldn’t matter because most of the sites would have the books right back up the next day, or later that same day. And that’s if you can get them to respond at all, which most of the time you can’t.

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  2. A-fucking-men! Preach it, Ravenna. Sadly the entitled will keep on feeling they can have whatever they want because the world owes them or something. The laws need to get stricter, the penalties harsher and these people need to be made examples of, along with a better, more efficient way to report their asses. As I like to say to those that think it’s okay because the site’s exist, look at what happened with the original Napster (as opposed the the second incarnation).

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  3. I just hope that downloading my books for free from Torrent sites is good for people and I pray with every single download that they get a virus that wipes out their computers. I pray that their 800 buck computer is made into a brick because they didn’t want to come off of 5 bucks to buy my book. I know how harsh and horrible that sounds but its freaking ridiculous. If I could only make a dime on every book that has been illegally downloaded I could write full time instead of having to work. It’s absolutely insane.

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    • Oh they likely do get viruses and malware! Most of those sites are littered with them. I’ve even heard of people emailing the authors or contacting them on Facebook, demanding they fix their computers or buy them new ones!! They downloaded an author’s book from a torrent site, got a virus from that site, then they want the AUTHOR to make it right. The height of stupidity, right there.

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      • Oh dear god in heaven I think I would have to be taken to the hospital with a heart attack if someone demanded that I pay to fix their computer because they stole my work.

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  4. It is so frustrating. As I read elsewhere people pay two or three pounds for a coffee, and add a tip. its over in minutes and that’s it. You want to repeat the experience, you pay again. An eBook? You pay and it’s yours to reread. But some people would rather have two minutes of savouring a coffee than several hours of savouring an ebook…
    I’m like everyone else here, I write because i love it, but my royalties are the icing on the cake and let me do things I otherwise couldn’t.
    and thanks for the shout out. This and ‘freebie friends’ are opposite sides of the same coin really.

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    • EXACTLY. Over here, it’s not unusual for someone to pay $5 to $8 for a Starbucks!! You drink it, it’s gone. But ask them to pay less than that for an e-book, which they can read as many times as they want, and they balk. And I agree. Freebie friends are the same thing as outright pirates. None of them value our work, nor do they view it as our source of income.


  5. Preach it, Ravenna! Hardly a day goes by when I don’t get a goggle alert about one of my books being on a new torrent site! I mostly ignore them now, as it’s a battle you can’t win, and besides, folks who go to those sites, wouldn’t have bought my book anyway. I don’t believe for one minute that they don’t know what they’re doing. They just don’t wanna pay for anything!

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    • I know, right? It’s a never-ending battle. And you’re right. No one who habitually downloads books illegally has any intention of buying them if given that chance. I totally agree! They can get it for free, they see nothing wrong with it, so they do it. I wish all kinds of horrible karma on them for stealing our work.

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  6. I totally agree, people these days don’t seem to think of digital files as ‘real property’. I swear I’ve gotten astonished looks from tons of my friends when I tell them I buy music from ITunes, they say, “why pay when you can DL it for free?”…and that’s my answer, “Well if no one pays for the music/books etc. then how will the artist/author afford to keep creating?”
    Duh people. Duh.

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    • An entire generation has grown up believing that intellectual property – music, movies, or books – are only “files” that should be “shared” or “copied” whenever possible. They don’t see this as someone’s blood, sweat, and tears. The work and creativity that goes into these arts aren’t viewed the same as paying for, say, groceries or a car. Or that $8 Starbucks they HAVE to have every morning. We’re supposed to give away our work for free and live on dirt I guess. Idiots.

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  7. It’s also theft when someone buys the book, downloads it to their computer and then comes back to Amazon asking for a refund without having to give a reason. Amazon will go after them if they take too many that way but in the meantime, they are stealing the book. I think so many see free books or those for 99¢ and think all books should be free as though it’s their right. I have read that some of those pirate sites also infect the computer of the one downloading from them– not that that helps the writer or publishing company. 😦

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    • I agree. There are so many free and 99 cent books that it’s become a global expectation. Unfortunately, if our publisher priced all our books for free or at 99 cents, no one would make any money. Those quickie refunds are another animal altogether. Glad we don’t have to deal with that for our Evernight books. And yes, I do believe most of the torrent sites infect the computer for the downloader.


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