Freebie Friends or is that Fiends?

Freebie friends…

Actually, maybe that should say… take a deep breath… people we barely know, who we once nodded to, when an acquaintance of theirs spoke to an acquaintance of ours and we happened to be there.

People you haven’t seen in years, aren’t even sure of their name… Thelma… Selma…Hellva… you know what I mean. The latter should have been their name. With cheek added on to it. Say it out loud. You’ll get the drift.

It was muttered by someone who actually didn’t want to waste their breath or their oh so valuable time on you, and you were amused at the time

Now it’s a different matter.

Take a deep breath, yours not theirs, and carry on being amused. This time at their bare-faced cheek.

They’re the people who rush up to you in queue in the post office or the bank. Invade your space and say ohhh X or Y says you’re an author and you’re published. Do you have any books to give away? You must have and I’d love one autographed for my bookshelf.



Hmm. If you say, oh I’ only write eBooks’ they may look disappointed, do the oh you’re not a real author thing then and then go, ‘oh well I’ll have one of those then’. Or they might go straight to ‘well can I have one please’.Or well you must have some cheap. They’re not pirates, not yet. And I’m not going to talk about those scavengers, Ravenna is on Monday, and you best make a note of that date in your diary. She’s talking…and I mean t a l k i n g.. about it.

I’m taking about the ohh a legal freebie lot.

No mention of how much, would you like a review or even add a thank you.

Now you need to say sorry nicely. Do not cuss and swear. You may, if you want, imagine them at the hands of a particularly sadistic Dom.

Smile. Apologise and say sorry, I only get X amount and they have to go to professional reviewers. Add if you’re feeling nice, check my publisher’s web site for sale days. If they have really pissed you off don’t bother. It’s unlikely they’re going to buy one anyway.

And walk away feeing amused.

This my friend means you are an author.

Happy writing and reading (legally)

love R x

9 thoughts on “Freebie Friends or is that Fiends?

  1. Excellent post, Raven. It’s a sad truth that people feel no qualms about trying to get something for free from an author. A bookmark, or something of that nature is one thing, but a book that you’ve put X amount of hours into including all the insanity that goes with it is another. Yet they look at you like you’re the one trying to rip them off when you say sorry but no, or here’s the links to buy a copy. Frustrating.

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  2. YES. THIS. Before I go on, thanks for the shout-out re: my post on Monday! ❤

    It's so difficult to bite your tongue in situations like this and refrain from telling these people where they can shove their sense of entitlement. I so want to ask them if I walked up to them on the street and asked for whatever it is they do for a living for FREE, how they would feel about that, but I fear the comparison would be lost on them.

    They don't view what we do as writers as *legitimate* work. They don't understand the time and effort that goes into each book. They don't believe that if we were to calculate out how much time we actually put into each story, including drafts, edits, research, promo once it's published, and all the other things that go into it, we likely make about 20 cents per book per hour. If even that.

    I'd like to see the faces of these people if their bosses suddenly told them that they were only going to make 20 cents an hour for the work they do.

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  3. Such truth, right there. It always reminds me of when I had my first book published. A so called ‘friend’ put up on FB, “Oh, I’ll get a copy, won’t I, being that we’re friends.”
    Another FB friend tore her down a notch along the lines of. “No, you won’t. As a friend you will be buying a copy of her first book.”

    I just sat back bemused by it all. I certainly don’t expect my friends to buy my books, but I do expect them not to want a freebie, just because they know me.


    Like I said in my post on Tuesday, manners. Simple as 🙂


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