Editors are human too

Editors are human too.

Honestly they are, they eat, need coffee/wine/gin, poop and sleep the same as the rest of us… If you cut them they bleed just as we, the author does.

And they are our friends. Even if sometimes you might not think so.

(Sorry to my editors, whom I love, but even we have disagreed over some things.)

Let’s put it this way. You’ve slaved over your story. Sent it to a friend or beta reader to check it over. You haven’t? Why not? It’s another pair of needed eyes to look for inconsistencies and point them out. And even then, I bet you there are things missed.

writer at workjpeg

Repetitive words, he instead of she, the hero changed from Rod to Rob, transposed letters… Because we see what we know should be there, your beta might also be the same. Some things stick out, some don’t.

Enter the editor.

Your editor is not there to change your voice, but to point out all those things you’ve missed. Tell you when you have your grammar and facts wrong. Explain if something sounds muddled or unclear. And rein you in when you go off at a tangent.

He or she is not there to change the way you write, or how you use your voice.

But, lets face it we all have idiosyncrasies, and guard them jealously and that I guess is where the problems can arise.

You see like I said, your editor is human too. And just as we have likes and dislikes in a book, so does she. She will strive not to let that interfere in her work, but sometimes you wonder.

Why can’t I use myriad ten times? Why does she think he calls her baby too often? Why can’t my secondary character play a bigger part in the story?

Your editor will tell you why. (Too much and it loses impact, its not his/her story…)

Your editor will also find the ‘an’ instead of ‘and’, the ‘vice’ instead of ‘voice’. Point out where you’ve added a ‘f’ in ffrustrated, Changed your heroine’s sex (we’ve all typed he not she) And show you at which points you need to develop the plot more.

She is invaluable.

But, you do not have to accept every word as gospel and follow her suggestions slavishly.

She might hate baby, or myriad. Refuse to agree that a few Regency ladies did wear drawers even if they were considered fast, or think a ball gag is a big fat no go even though your heroine did not cry red.

Try to make your book set in Scotland with Scottish characters say gotten or sidewalk…er no…

Politely. No.

Don’t accept the changes and then worry or moan.

Sometimes it is okay to agree to disagree.

But a word of warning, most of the time, the editor knows what they are doing. After all they wouldn’t survive long if they didn’t.

10 thoughts on “Editors are human too

  1. Raven, thank you for this reminder! I know that sometimes we (authors) loose ourselves and forget that our editors are only human as well. I know that I certainly love my editor with Evernight Publishing. She’s the best!


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