His WHAT went WHERE? Another Freaky Friday with Michelle Roth @mroth_author

Strict Black Leather Locking Hand Cuffs on white background

Welcome back! Glad you’re sticking with me as (together) we conquer the foibles of writing filthy romance! Last week I talked a little bit about details. Today we’re going to zoom in a bit from that broad topic to focus on the minutiae.

Have you ever been reading a sex scene and wondered where his third hand came from, or how she could possibly manage to bend that way? The confusion is so jarring that it rips you right out of the scene, and you’re forced to re-read the paragraph several times before you decide that the author was either a) not paying attention or b) might not realize that a man’s hands can’t be simultaneously gripping her hips, spanking her ass and pulling her hair at the same time. (If ONLY, right?!)

It’s an easy trap to slip into. What I’ve found is that you basically have to either mentally stage it out in your head. I know it’s a total hardship to picture filthy sex in your head, but you’re doing it for your craft 😉

Another option, which is a lot creepier or more hilarious depending on your sense of humor. Use dolls. If Ken can’t manage to keep his balance, your hero probably can’t either.


It’s not just about errant limbs, though. It’s about the body’s response to certain things. Do some research. Talk to someone of the opposite sex. Have them describe what an orgasm feels like for them. Have them talk about what they really like in bed if you’re not sure.

If you’re writing about bondage, talk to someone who actually knows it. Hell, try it out yourself. Let them read your scenes. They’ll let you know if you’ve got a huge error that needs fixing.

“Why no, you can’t use handcuffs for a scene like that. It would tear someone’s wrist up.”

“You can’t leave nipple clamps on a person for that long unless you want to do nerve damage.”

“Where did this hand come from? She’s restrained, still.”

“Really? No lube?”

Not to beat a dead horse, but the devil is in the details. Even in your sex scenes. Do the research. You won’t regret it.


8 thoughts on “His WHAT went WHERE? Another Freaky Friday with Michelle Roth @mroth_author

  1. Lol, omg soooo true! I normally go through sex scenes pretty thoroughly in my head while I write, but for a few of my books which are menage, I needed a more concrete visual aid. So I started drawing stick figures to make certain that all my activities were doable, let me tell you….its an odd collection of doodles! 😉


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