You say tomayyyyto I say tomahhhhto

Tomorrow is another day… or it never comes. Take your pick.

But whichever you decide, remember not everyone necessarily has the same idea as you about what tomorrow actually means.

Queation makr for chicks on a wed

What anything means actually. Especially, what’s right and wrong in writing

It’s no use ranting and raving, no use sulking. It’s time to pull up your big girl—or boy—panties, build a bridge and get over it.

We are all individuals and all have different ideas on what is what.


Right down to well is a glass half full or half empty…should we be using the ‘f’ word the ‘c’ word or purple prose, how dare you have short chapters/long chapters/no chapters, or is that picture above offensive or not…

Up to the individual. Well apart from what your publishers decides are house rules.

Now if you’re all wondering if this is it, Raven has finally lost the plot, let me reassure you, I haven’t. Well no more than usual.

These last few days have been chaotic for me. I’m trying to get ready for a weekend away, help hubby in the garden, put up blogs, do the never ending ironing and as ever ignoring the dust bunnies. (The latter is the easiest of the lot.) To say nothing of edits, pimping, and the knowledge I have 80k to get down by—originally end of March—however I have pleaded for an extension to end April. But with two family get togethers before then, its still a lot to achieve.

Panicking? Mio? Oh hell yeah. Because I still have what people call real life to cope with as well as my ornery characters

And in all this, I got the do you have to write x or y or z perennial.

Oh yes, I do.

But in a strange way, those few words put everything into perspective for me.

As I tell everyone, write as you can, not as you think you should. And, you never know what you can do until you try.

And the other thing to remember is my way, might not be your way. The successful author over in the next town might have a formula that works for her, but hey, you know the best selling writer in the next time? She swears by something totally different.

Its al back to us as individuals.

There will always be someone to say, hey this is how a b or c should be done.

Ignore then… unless it’s read, read, and reread… oh and show not tell.

That works for them. It might not for you, and that’s fine.

Find your own formula. Stick to it until it doesn’t work, and find a new one.

Don’t worry when someone disses it. Like a review it is one person’s opinion. Dissect it when you’re alone. Decided if anything fits. Take anything relevant and fie it away for future reference, and discard the rest.

Plough your own furrow and enjoy it…

(and of course feel free to ignore me…)

Happy reading/writing/or whatever,

love,  R x


6 thoughts on “You say tomayyyyto I say tomahhhhto

  1. This is a terrific post, and this is my favorite line: “As I tell everyone, write as you can, not as you think you should. And, you never know what you can do until you try.” SO true. Thank you for posting this, Raven. ❤

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