How to bite your tongue and not comment on reviews

Okay, I know what you are all thinking… Reviews are good things, right?


Here is the kicker however…



… … NEVER …


I put that in all caps to stress my point. Never comment on them. The good ones, the bad ones, the ugly – just don’t do it. I know that this goes against every fiber of your being because if someone leaves a good review you want to thank them for it – and you can, privately. However its the bad reviews that you seriously have to bite your tongue on. Don’t contact the reviewer, don’t contact their review company (if there is one) and don’t comment on your Social Media about this shitty review that you go.

This is akin to literary suicide and trust me – its not a pretty thing. EVER. So please, just don’t do it.

Why? We’ve all had our ups and downs. We’ve all had books we’ve read and were like – UGH, seriously? It could be that the person who reviewed your book was having a bad day when they read / reviewed it or something in it struck a cord of dislike inside of them, whatever it is – let them post their review and don’t say a peep.

Here is another reason, we are ALL allowed our opinions. Good, bad or ugly. Period.

Last reason? Think about this. You vent. You yell. You start to attack the reviewer and have your buddies help you and all this does is make you look worse. We are authors. We should know by now that all of our work will be subjected to scrutiny. It’s like Doris’s post about developing Rhino skin, you have to in order to survive in this profession.

Trust me, I’ve had some that have been horrible. I didn’t comment, but it did have me thinking. So I let my anger go and went back and re-read the book(s) in question and you know what… I saw where the reviewer was coming from. Did they deserve the scathing remarks? No, likely not HOWEVER this reviewer only did me a favor by pointing out flaws that I didn’t know I had. So if I had yelled and commented back on the review I would feel like shit right now because guess what, they taught me something and I’m thankful for that.

So take all reviews with a grain of salt, or pint of booze, and just know that the reviews are one person’s opinions and when you’ve calmed down read what they had issue with and see if you can envision their poor review and why they gave it the marks that they did.

Now, why did I say not to comment even on the positive ones? Because invariably if you do someone who has given you a bad review will call you out for it. You don’t want to do that. Don’t take anything like mud-slinging public or even private. So if you get a great review, privately message the reviewer and give them thanks.

Now, on with why you are REALLY here… the Hot Men!


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5 thoughts on “How to bite your tongue and not comment on reviews

  1. AMEN!!!!!! This post should be tattooed on every author’s forearm so they can look down and read it before they respond. There is NEVER a good outcome for the author – or anyone, really – when an author goes postal or diva on a reviewer. Reviews are only opinions, after all. And sometimes there are kernels of truth in there we can actually use. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Err, what were you saying? I kinda got distracted by the men in kilts 😉

    Only kidding, this is a fabulous post, and I agree 100%. Nothing good ever comes out of commenting on reviews, and yes, sometimes you can learn from a bad review. Constructive criticsm is hard to take but much needed at times.

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  3. I tend not to read my reviews. Unless a reader, or EP specifically points it out I rarely even know there is one. I just make sure not to scroll that far down on a page, lol! I do this only because I know myself and know that my quick fire temperament would likely get me in trouble – a lot.

    Great post and truly one every aspiring or situated author needs to read. Along with any other professional in a position that receives reviews.


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