Last Minute Ninny #TuesdayThoughts from Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello, peeps, more Tuesday Thoughts with Doris here.  That makes it sound like story time at the library or that old television program I used to love to watch, and for the life of me can’t remember the name of.



Last minute.

Why the last-minute ninny title, I hear you ask? Well, I was talking to the lovely Raven on Skype as we are want to do throughout the day. This was  actually while the kids were going loopy around me, and I was in the process of cooking dinner, and it suddenly dawned on me.

“Shoot, It’s my day on The Naughty Quills tomorrow. What on earth am I going to write?”

Cue laughing emoticon from the ever helpful Raven… *raises eyebrows*

What followed was a somewhat hysterical conversation, where Raven suggested topics, and we quickly started reminiscing, about the first time I had to write an anal scene. Yes, I know, that’s just us…mad the both of us.

What do you mean had to write, I hear you ask?

Well, my hero very firmly told me that this scene needed to be in the story, as anal had previously been a cause of considerable distress to my heroine, and she needed to heal. In order to do so, the hero had to show her that anal sex could be pleasurable.

Oh, how I argued with him, to absolutely no avail, moaned at Raven, who simply told me to get on with it. That scene took me days to write, which is somewhat ridiculous,  when you think about it, but back then I was still coming to terms with the fact that I was apparently writing erotic romance.


Nowadays it’s  a rare book of mine that doesn’t have some butt sex or at least butt play in it. That’s just the way my heroes roll, and I certainly don’t have any qualms about writing it anymore. To be fair, none of them come close to the emotional intensity of that first scene I wrote, because it was a real turning point for that heroine, and in  funny way for me too. Not only did I realize that I can write sex of any shape or form, for that matter, but, also, that arguing with your characters is a completely futile exercise. For me, at least.

What has all this to do with me always leaving things to the last-minute? Nothing at all, lol. Just the way my mind and my muse rambles along. And testament to the fact that whenever Raven and I get together the conversation very quickly goes down the smutty route. After all, if she is growing old disgracefully, then I can so join in.

On a serious note, now, if you are a last-minute ninny like me, it does not have to stifle your creativity. I find my muse responds best when I’m on a deadline. Then my fingers fly. If I have too much time on my hands, it’s procrastination central, which makes no sense, I know.

However, I recall my teachers moaning to my Gran about this tendency of mine, and vice versa and I can see it in several of my children, so I’m blaming it on my genes.


Till next time, folks.

Do stay naughty,

D xxx


4 thoughts on “Last Minute Ninny #TuesdayThoughts from Doris (@mamaD8)

  1. I remember one conversation… “Raven where should he do it…”Me spews coffee… “er up her ass?”
    Doris very indignantly. “No you nit, I mean in bed, over the back of the sofa…”
    I have now spewed coffee again remembering those days…
    Great post

    Liked by 1 person

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