Raven’s Ramblings and her Thursday thoughts

Raven’s Ramblings and my Thursday thoughts.

Where I ponder… Why can’t people accept you are what you are?

If I had a penny for every time someone said to me, ‘well do you have to write that?’ I’d be a millionaire by now. And If I add into the mix, the oft heard cry, ‘ohh only an eBook. When are you going to write a proper book,’ I could multiply that by ten… (but that is for next week, watch this space)

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Instead I’ll smile sweetly and not even bother to try to explain.

It’s easy to say, ‘I write what I can, not what I think I should’. Add, ‘no one says you have to buy and read it’. Or ‘well wouldn’t it be sad if we all liked the same thing?’. Or even, ‘well, God/the Gods/whoever you chose to believe in gave me a skill and I’m using it’. But it won’t change things.

I happen to believe all those statements are true. But it is hard to stick to your guns sometimes. I lost someone I considered to be as near to a sister as you can get because she didn’t like what I write. When I said firmly, that no, I couldn’t change how I write, that is my gift and I’m using it, there was a stony silence, followed by excuses why it wasn’t convenient to meet up, yeah you get it, followed by nothing. Zilch. Texts unanswered, phone calls not returned. Then a terse we’re moving away and no forwarding address.

It hurt. But you know, as I said you do not have to read what I write. I’m still the same person I was before I opened up and told you what I’m doing. It doesn’t change me.

But evidently it did and I was no longer someone she wished to associate with.

Not a nice feeling. I sat down and thought long and hard about myself. Was I defined by writing hot sex? And decided, no, I am not. I am more than that. My writing is only one facet of my character. I do what I think I’m okay at. I do not want to change it, and I refuse to apologise for that.

This is who I am. I don’t knock what you do (as long as it’s legal) so why should you do it to me? I might not like your style, want to have anything to do with it, but hells bells it really is not the only thing that defines you—or me. Live and let live. Be open minded, and think well okay…

After all, I so remember when someone called a fellow writer’s hero a walking prick so to speak, and she’d never write things like that, to then do just that very thing a few years later. Never say never eh?

My kink isn’t your etcetera.

So I’d reiterate to each and every one of you. Write as you can. Write what stirs you, and excites you. That is your voice, yours and yours alone. Your own special way of writing, so go forth and use it.

And to anyone who doesn’t like what you end up with? There’s plenty of other stuff out there. Room for everyone.

So until next week,

happy reading (and writing)

love, R x

14 thoughts on “Raven’s Ramblings and her Thursday thoughts

  1. Very well said, I remember vividly the first time someone said the ol’, “oh ebooks, when are you going to get something published for real?” ….and the serious desire to boob punch her that followed, even though I knew she didn’t mean to be hurtful. I mean, I LOVE reading exactly what I write. It’s my jam, it makes me smile. All I can hope is that it makes other people smile, and if it does, then that’s enough for me!

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  2. I rarely tell ppl in my every day life, old friends, chums etc., that I write. I always get a 50 shades comparison which makes me heat up and then makes me seem snooty about what another author writes LOL It’s a double edged sword really. I figure that since my Dad was one of my biggest fans before he passed, my mom tells all her friends and hands out my bookmarks, and my hubby & kids are on board with my chosen career, then I do not need anyone else’s approval.

    Great, great post, Raven. Thank you for sharing some of your moments.


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