Where does the time go? (Wicked Wednesday)



Time…. It’s one of those elusive things that as an author who also works full time and is raising a family is hard to find. (Hence my late post!)

Sorry all, I totally dropped the ball this week and it seems as if the older that I get and my children get (20 & 18 for my kids) the less time I have for myself, writing and simply figuring out what I need to do next.

I know that there is a system that works for everyone, I even have one that works for me… typically. Sometimes however that system goes completely sideways and today was one of those days.

So here are some of the ways that people have told me that work for them…

  • Get up early and write before work, the kids get up, etc (now this doesn’t work for me because I’m a night owl AND I work third shift. My kids (husband, son, daughter, and Yorkie) would be demanding food from me.
  • Stay up late and write after everyone has gone to bed. (This is the one that I use because as I said before I’m a night owl AND I work third shift so I write while at work as well.
  • Carve out time that’s just for you. Have the family on notice that this is your time. (I like this one as well because this way they (family, friends and so on) would know that you need to be left alone. πŸ™‚
  • Schedule yourself like you would a job. This is much like the one above its just that with this you keep track of your hours – this comes in handy when its time for Taxes… more about that one later!

I know that there aren’t a lot of things that I touched on here and for that I’m sorry. Just know that once you set yourself on your own schedule that works for you – stick to it. That’s what happened to me with this post, I was playing lax because I had been out and playing with my daughter watching movies and having fun instead of doing what I should have and it through my whole routine off course.

So ladies and gents that’s all for me. If you have something that works for you with keeping yourself on a schedule – let me know in comments? I’m always looking for ways to improve!! πŸ™‚



Now, on to some HOT men!!

*** Please note, none of these images belong to me, they belong to the model and photographer. All images this week were found viaΒ Hottest Men with Tattoo’s on Facebook ***

8 thoughts on “Where does the time go? (Wicked Wednesday)

  1. I end up in the same predicament as you , April … playing the kids or taking them here or there. It’s hard for me to set a strict schedule when they are not in school, so I try my best to do a 9a.m to 3pm M-F when they’re in school, but it’s not always easy as we have the farm, and lord knows animals are not known for sticking to a schedule all the time. πŸ˜€

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