Just do it- Write! #TuesdayThoughts from Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello peeps, and welcome to this week’s edition of my Tuesday Thoughts. I’m afraid this may well turn into a very rambly post indeed, because I am typing this very late my time, after an incredibly busy weekend, due to this guy.



You see we are in the process of adopting Harold the Harrier Hound dog from a rescue centre an hour and a half drive’s away from us. As Harold had to meet every member of our family this involved numerous trips up and down the motorway over the last three days, plus a trip to the vets for our existing dog, and to obtain a vet reference for the adoption, and… and… and…

Not to mention, getting the house ready for our new arrival, doing research on his breed, refreshing my memory on training a somewhat bouncy, and chewy dog, and… you get the picture.

Now, as I have mentioned before on here, we are used to being busy in our house, but this weekend brought a whole new level of busy. I am sure once we bring Harold home—hopefully this coming Sunday—spare time will be a thing of the past as we settle him in, and start the long process of training him, and ensuring our belongings are safe in the process. Poor old Howard has some issues we’ll have to work on, as he can be destructive, or so we have been told. His previous family returned him after three weeks….


There is lots I could say on that, but I shall keep my opinions to myself, for once.

*throws down cushions as you all faint*

Which brings me nicely to today’s topic.

One of the many questions I always get asked is….

“How do you find the time to write as much as you do with all of your kids?”

Or variations thereof.

I always smile to myself and wonder if they want me to wave some sort of magic wand for them. I’m afraid there is no easy answer to that. I sit down, I write. It’s as simple as that.


The start of my writing career coincided with me falling pregnant with our ninth child. If you look back through my blog entries back then, you can see there were plenty of times when I didn’t write a thing, because I was simply too exhausted.

Then he arrived and I recall doing my very first set of edits ever with a two week old budda fast asleep on my lap. Those were the easy days really. A breastfeeding newborn meant hours spent on the settee, and with the skill of one handed typing, several novels were written.

Once he was on the move, things got far trickier. Try and write when you have to retrieve your adventurous toddler from one disaster in the making after the other.

I perfected the art of speed writing. Mull the story over in my head while chasing him around, and when he was actually asleep—usually on my lap, because he never did like me putting him down—I’d hammer away at the keyboard like a demented thing.

Those were also the days, when I’d be writing a story sentence by sentence. Dash after him, write another sentence, dash off again, write some more. Cook dinner, while writing that sex scene, supervising homework of the other two, and sorting out teenage squabbles in between part A inserting into parts B and C.

*giggle snort*

Made room for plenty of typos, I tell you, and this memorable moment when I turned round and told my three year old.

“It’s too hot for cocks.”

Cue, him looking at me with a puzzled expression, and me shouting.

“Socks, I mean socks!”

Thankfully the whole thing passed over his head.


So, you see, there was never an easy time write, but I needed to write. Those characters were hounding me to tell their stories, so I sat down and wrote.

Was it easy? No, of course not. Did I do anything else but write in my spare (ha!) time. Nope. Did I watch television even?  Nope. No time for that.

And that is it in a nutshell really. If you really need to write, then you will find the time to do so. It might be in dribs and drabs. It might be furious speed typing during that precious hour you get some peace. It might be you staying up half the night and existing on an intravenous coffee drip, but you will get that story written, somehow.

The thing is, no one but you, can make yourself write that story.

Believe me; I know how easy it is to procrastinate. Especially, it seems, when you have lots of time to write. Perversely, now that budda is in school full time, I still get the bulk of my writing done in short, wild staccato bursts, usually as the deadline of school pick up time looms large.  It’s truly amazing how much those characters have to say, when I’ve run out of writing time.

*head desk*

So, to sum up this long rambling post…instead of wondering how other authors find the time, use yours wisely, and you know… write.


Woman hands typing on laptop keyboard

You cannot edit a blank page, as Nora Roberts, I believe, once said.  Write something every day. Even it’s just a couple of hundred words. They will add up, and if you’re anything like me, there comes a point in the story, when you cannot stop writing. That’s when my fingers truly fly and I write through every distraction, and lose sleep to write.

A bit like me writing this blog post, at almost midnight. I’ll no doubt read it back tomorrow and shake my head at the amount of typos I’ve missed, but I needed to get this done, so I did.

Simple as.

If you want to be a writer—write.

That’s all for today. Stay naughty now, folks.

D xxx

8 thoughts on “Just do it- Write! #TuesdayThoughts from Doris (@mamaD8)

  1. As my hubs says … Just SBIC — Just sit butt in chair — i agree. Even though I would like more hours in the day, Doris! At least 2 — solely for writing.
    Hope things go well with your new family member. Your family is cuteness overload, love seeing updates. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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