Satisfaction Saturday ~ A Hybrid Author (@KaceyHammell) #Writing

A Hybrid Author … that’s what I can be called these days. I’m an author who self publishes and works with a publisher. I believe all authors should have the right to choose which path fits them best. I’m not an reader who chooses what I read based on where the author is published. I let the talent speak for itself. I, as a writer, have the power to create the stories that speak to me and choose which avenue to present them to my own readers.

There’s a lot to consider when self publishing. And while I do like the freedoms of it, I do miss the backing of a publisher who also lends support with each new story.

When I self publish it’s all on me, from start to finish, and the promotion is the hardest. Of course with a publisher it’s also on me as well — after all I want the best product out there no matter if self pubbing or with a publisher — but for me it is a lot more work to do everything myself. I don’t mind making the decisions. Hey, I’m a control freak / very A-type, but when it comes to doing the marketing/promoting with self publishing, it’s more exhausting than many probably realize.

With self publishing there are no extra hands to send out review copies, book blog tours or advertising. No extra person to deal with all the minor (while major) aspects of getting my name/story out to the target audience. And as much as I love every step in the process of publishing, it can be tiresome when doing it all on my own. I find the process is longer for each book I publish on my own because the marketing takes a lot more time. Every single decision is mine, and mine alone.  It can be scary on one’s own.  No matter how confident I am in my writing, characters, stories, there’s greater chances to make a mistake. And honestly, it can be terrifying.

Plus, there’s nothing like having the cushion of support that comes with a publisher — I GOOD one (Thank you for that Evernight Publishing!) — and the support of fellow authors at the same publisher. Yes, most authors will support a writer no matter what/where they write but when you’re all a collective group within one company, there’s such an added bonus of camaraderie and cohesive “I have your back” that comes along with it a publisher. At least in my experiences.

But having said all the above, with all the added work of making every decision myself, being even more anal and meticulous as always when self publishing, I also love the fact that I CAN do both — work with publishers and do it on my own. I LOVE that I CAN if I want to.

The ebook industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and it is really something to have the freedoms many of us do now — to cross boundaries and push envelopes and embrace our own businesses and crafts even more. I do not — no author does — have to choose the “either / or” option of publishing any longer. For that I am grateful. Very, very grateful. We are all masters of our journeys and doing what works for us.

I will continue to plug along, learning new avenues and embarking into pools of water that are wet and uncertain, and in the end come out of it having lived and learned. I like pushing myself as well while also loving the comfort of a larger publisher. At this point in my career, I won’t jump completely into self publishing because I do have great respect for the benefits in being with a publisher too, and I don’t want to do it all on my own. No matter what the control-lovin’ freak inside me says. The paths I have chosen aren’t for everyone, some may not agree with some of my views/experiences, but it’s all me. *g*


Published at Evernight Publishing.


One of my self pubbed series









Hope you have a satisfying week ahead.

Talk again soon!

Kacey (2)


3 thoughts on “Satisfaction Saturday ~ A Hybrid Author (@KaceyHammell) #Writing

  1. I’m with Raven on this one, at least at this point in my writing career and likely into the near future. I like the comfort of have a publisher. It’s an added layer of pressure between me and the rest of the world. Great post 🙂

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