What Makes Evernight Publishing so Awesome?



What makes Evernight so awesome? Well there are so many reasons that I can tell you and I’m positive that there are reasons that others will tell you as well.

For me what makes Evernight so awesome is how its geared toward not only the reader, but the author as well. I love how if I have a question I can shoot off an email and I will have my answer within hours.

Another reason to love Evernight? Jay Aheer. Her covers are simply amazing. Everything that she’s created for me have been utter works of art and I couldn’t be happier with them. I’m a woman who firmly believes that covers help sell your books. πŸ™‚

Gracious there are so many things to love about Evernight Publishing. So here we go, I’m going to bullet point some of my favorites…

  • Top notch editing
  • Exposure for all authors via their Facebook Fan Page
  • Release day on all third party sites as well as their website
  • Reader appreciation awards (Love these, I’ve been blessed to have one for two years)
  • The covers (I mean – COME ON – tell me you can’t look at them and drool?)
  • Always knowing where your MS is at any point in time of the journey to becoming a novel
  • An owner who genuinely cares about her authors (Seriously, she’s amazing!)
  • Evernight even has a person dedicated to sending ALL of their books to legitimate review companies – come on – how many houses do that?!
  • Evernight also has an amazing Marketing woman who is utterly brilliant and ensures that every author is given some sort of exposure here and there.
  • And one more thing to love about EN? The authors.
    • The authors of Evernight are all so helpful and caring. They are always willing and able to help out newer authors.

So that’s it for me. I am PROUD to continue to be a part of the Evernight Family!



Now then, because its Wicked Wednesday…. Smokin Hot men.

(**I do not own these images, they all came up on Google Image search and belong to the photographers and models themselves, not myself nor this blog)


17 thoughts on “What Makes Evernight Publishing so Awesome?

  1. Amen to this. They were my first publisher beyond little short stories in magazines. The support system is amazing and I love all the friends I’ve made along the way.


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