Sensual Sunday with Moira Callahan (@AuthorMoira)


Welcome to a Sensual Sunday everyone. It’s been an exciting first week on the Naughty Quill’s blog getting to know all the amazing author’s involved in this new endeavor we’re taking on. Frankly I’m fan-girling more than a little over here being surrounded by these amazing ladies.

Which brings us to moi, Moira Callahan. Proud Canadian and “newer” author. I started writing in early 2014 and submitted my very first novella to Evernight Publishing after getting some wit and wisdom from a dear friend. Choosing a publisher for your pride and joy (with fear making your knees quiver) is a lot harder and scarier than it first appears, but that’s a topic for another day.

I started out as a Contemporary Erotic Author, moved into a little Mystery and Suspense in my first series and have slowly been spreading my wings to include Paranormal with a story in the Bad Alpha Anthology along with a Christmas story this past year. Now I’m expanding a little further and out into the MC world with my newest release.

I’m the quiet sort when I first meet a new person. Not because I’m shy, not by any meaning of the word but because I’m the sort to think, evaluate and make a preliminary determination of what I think you can handle. Once you get to know me I’m one seriously sarcastic individual and I take no prisoners, ever. I do tone this down on social media as I don’t want to scare everyone away, but in person it definitely becomes clear. I also have a mouth that tends to move before my brain is fully engaged and often times what comes out is as much a surprise to me as everyone around me. This is not always a “good” thing, but at least it’s never boring.orologio caff

What else is there to know about Moira? Well, I’m a loud and proud coffee addict and am an absolute beast without that first morning brew. Not even joking. If I could find a way to have it pumping into my veins constantly, 24/7 I would. I’ve always had an artistic bent – can’t draw to save my life mind you, but I will admit I can doodle up one amazingly cute stick figure if I am so inclined. For me though I’ve always leaned more to the written word which helps given this path I’ve chosen to take.

I’ve always loved to read and still do to this day whenever the opportunity arises, mostly romance in various genres, my bookshelves at home testify to that, but I also love a good mystery or horror. I have many of my fellow authors at EP in my eBook pile that I’ve read or am waiting for time to get to.

And there you have it, me. Wishing you all a lovely week ahead, now go and enjoy your Sunday already!

XO ~ Moira Callahan

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