Satisfaction Saturday with Kacey Hammell (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning everyone! Welcome to Satisfaction Saturday.

Why the specific Saturday title? I’ll be your host every Saturday, and I am going to hope that the end of the week (or the start of the weekend) will be with some form of great satisfaction – on both our parts! I hope for a satisfying week of writing and I wish you all the satisfaction the week will allow you. *g*

Okay, so who is Kacey exactly? For those who aren’t familiar with me / my writing, here we go…

I’ve always been an avid reader. From the time I could read, my parents rarely found me without a book in hand, nose buried, and having to repeat my name numerous times because I’d escaped to my own world. I’ve always loved the romance genre and have dreamed big because of it. I’ve been infatuated with knights in shining armor, long haired men on Harleys, shifters who growl, and of course the happily ever afters. I’ve always been shy in nature, very quiet until getting to know someone, and I admit I have trust issues! *g*

I’m a mom of three, happily married to my own hero and run a farm with my family in Ontario, Canada. I had the opportunity nearly fourteen years ago when my youngest son was a wee lad to review for a couple of romance review sites and enjoyed that immensely for many years. I became friends with many authors who introduced me to other authors who needed beta readers, which led to critiquing and on to acquiring submissions for a couple of small press publishers. With my husband’s gentle prodding – I remember the bruises!! – he encouraged me to write something myself. As much as I fought, he’d planted the bug in my head and it was all I could think about. Now, many years later – and after a long hiatus when I lost my father – I’m back into writing full time and enjoying every moment of it.

I love the voices in my head, the chance to touch readers’ hearts and still find it hard to believe this is my life. To share the passion I held as a young girl, sharing the love of books and stories with my kids and now ultimately many like-minded souls who enjoy escaping to different worlds and meeting new people on all these adventures … there’s nothing like it. I always dreamed of being “just” a stay-at-home Mom when I grew up and I’ve been blessed by the hubby to do that for over fourteen years now, but I’ve been doubly blessed and always inspired by the opportunities my imagination and the Muse have given me.

I have written many different genres –Contemporary (mainly), Paranormal (cat shifters & a ghost), Suspense (I LOVE cop shows/movies) and am delighted to include as much spice, naughtiness, and heat as I can within them all. Romance of course being the key factor in all of them, bringing two souls together who need one another. There’s no better genre than romance!

I’m also a huge classic movie buff – another topic for another day perhaps.

I love Betty Boop, Supernatural, Fast and Furious Franchise, Disney and Snoopy. There’s so many things I can tie all of my loves into, and I look forward to sharing that with our readers here at Naughty Quills.

I hope to see you every week, where we will dish about this and that in the writing world and spend a very satisfying Saturday together!

Until next week,

Kacey (2)







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