Happy Friday and welcome to Naughty Quills! @mroth_author @EvernightPub #romance

Welcome to the inaugural week of Naughty Quills! I thought I’d kick off my weekly posts by telling you a little bit about myself. I’m Michelle Roth, author of eleven panty-moistening erotic romances. I’ve been an Amazon Bestseller multiple times in multiple countries. Also, I’ve got an Evernight Readers’ Choice award under my belt.



In my time as an author, I’ve done a bit of contemporary, but most of what I’ve been working on lately has a paranormal bent. I’m traditionally published through a few different publishing houses. I’ve got five books with Evernight Publishing, another five with Siren Publishing, and one anthology piece with Luminosity Publishing.

The thing that most people don’t understand about being an author is that it isn’t just writing the books. It’s a sales/graphic design/web design/marketing job as well. While some publishers (Evernight <3) are more than happy to advertise for you, it’s not enough. As an author in this market place, it’s basically a prerequisite that you either know how to do those things, or that you be willing to pay for them.

I am… frugal. So, for me, putting money into something that was already taking a ton of my free time didn’t seem like an option. I learned how to use WordPress, set up my own mailing lists, make my own marketing pieces, and a ton of other things. My goal is to show you, in time, how to do some of those things for yourself.

But, maybe, for some of you, that might be putting the cart before the horse, so I’ll also talk about writing tips and tricks I’ve learned. I’ll share invaluable pieces of advice with you that others have shared with me, and answer any random questions you might post.

Before we do any of that, though, I’d like to dispel a few notions about what erotic romance writers are and aren’t. I hope you enjoy this cleverly hand-crafted meme.


Thanks for stopping in to check out our new venture. I’m thrilled to be in the company of such phenomenal authors as Ravenna Tate, Doris O’Connor, April Zyon, Moira Callahan, Kacey Hammell, and Raven McAllan. We all look forward to sharing with you and getting to know you. See you next week!


Michelle Roth

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