Hi from Raven (@RavenMcAllan)

Hi, Waves madly this is Raven.

Raven McAllan

I live in Scotland where midges rule and you don’t see nearly as many men in kilts as people think. Have I spoiled all your illusions now? Oops, sorry.

Even so it’s a beautiful place, on a nice day. However, when winter can start in September and go on to June, to a sun lover like me, there’s not nearly enough good days.

Ah well.

At least when its raining or grey and miserable— dreich as we say—I’m happy to sit inside and write. On one of the few sunny and warm days we get I play hooky and sit outside my study, (which overlooks the garden and the forest) and er…plot. Sort of. After all reading is research isn’t it? And research is part of plotting.

Luckily I love research. I believe it is vital. The facts have to be correct, be it for my Regency stories, (as in the word pussy wasn’t in general use until round 1848) or contemporary. Not getting your facts correct is sloppy. And to be honest in this day and age, with easy access to reference books on line, unforgivable. There have been times when I’ve ranted over geographical errors in a book I’m reading, or rolled my eyes at a Regency heroine called Wendy.

That apart, I ramble—a lot.

No, not through the forest, although we have some fantastic walks around where I live, but like on here. My Dh tells me sometimes to slow down and stop changing the subject. Sadly my mind is often like a demented flea and hopping all over the place. I wish I could keep up with it.

Scotland Loch Awe mountain landscape

And as this was really just supposed to be a ‘hi, this is Raven and I’m your Thursday host’, post, on that note I’m hopping off.

I have three lots of edits to do, and you remember what I said about research? Yeah, I need to find out a bit more with regards to true Scotsmen, dirks (daggers) and Edinburgh in 1818.

Until next week,

happy reading,

love  R x


4 thoughts on “Hi from Raven (@RavenMcAllan)

  1. Hi Raven, you gorgeous lady you. I am totally mind-blown that there are no men just walking about getting mail, sweeping steps, walking their ladies to work with no quilts on. My whole way of it has just been shattered.
    Your homelands looks beautiful.


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