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Ravennas Monday MumblingsWelcome to Ravenna’s Monday Mumblings!

Heard a story a while ago about an author who got so butthurt because her submission didn’t make it into something or other she had her heart set on, that she decided she no longer wanted to play in the sandbox. This was only her second submission to that publisher, AND it wasn’t even a rejection. She was given an R&R – Revise and Resubmit – for a different line at that publisher. She refused to rewrite the story.

WOW…as-god-is-my-witness Give me a break. Seriously.

The reality of the publishing industry is that sometimes your story isn’t right for that publisher, at that time, or for the line you submitted it to. Doesn’t mean it sucks, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean the publisher is “wrong” for rejecting things. Yeah. THAT was said, too. When did it become a publisher’s obligation to never reject a story??? HUH???

This is a BUSINESS. Your publisher can’t make money unless the books sell. They know (or they SHOULD know!) which books sell best in which of their lines. That’s their business. YOURS is to write the stories. If they aren’t a good fit one place, and ESPECIALLY if you’re given a chance to submit it to another line, don’t be a damn diva. Submit the story to another line. Does it really matter where it fits, as long as it does? Isn’t that the whole point of submitting it to a publisher in the first place?

diva-blingNO ONE – I don’t care who they are, how many lists they make, or how many figures their royalty checks have – NO ONE has had every single story they ever submitted accepted without question. If they have, I’d run as far away from that publisher as I could. It means they take anything and everything, and they’re nothing but a mill.

Rejection, along with R&R, is part of this business. You can’t handle it? Try self-publishing and then dealing with the Kindle boards or the Goodreads bunch. HOO, BABY! You have NO CLUE how hurtful “rejection” can feel until you tangle with some of the trolls in those places! Authors have quit writing over the intense bullying such places are known for.

welcome-to-realityCliché time… Put on your big girl panties. Suck it up, buttercup.

Vent if you need to. By all means. That’s why we have friends. Rant about it and get it off your chest. But then sit down and revise the damn thing, or submit it to another publisher if you think it’s good the way it is.

But don’t be foolish (or RUDE!) enough to declare you no longer want to play with others at that publisher, simply because you had ONE story that wasn’t right for a particular line.

You may have burned a bridge (or two) there, chicklet. I hope it was worth it.

Until next week, Happy Writing!!

Say what now? #SensualSunday @AuthorMoira


Welcome back everyone to another #SensualSunday post. I thought this week I would do up a post with some of the most common abbreviations and words you may come across in your writing career. This list is definitely not the total of it all, there are more than I can remember, and ones that I come across each day that I end up have to look up to figure out what the ever loving heck someone is talking about/referring to. But it’ll get you started. I should also mention that I’ve avoided putting in all the Texting slang although it was a close thing because it’s amazing how many editors I’ve had that have used the slang in their comments.


  • HEA – Happily Ever After
  • HFN – Happy For Now (often used in serials)

Sexual Partners:

  • FF – Female Female, lesbian relationship
  • MF – Male Female, heterosexual relationship
  • MM – Male Male, gay relationship
  • MFM, MMF, MMFM, MFMM, FFM, FMF – Multiple partner relationship (can vary, and be mixed up many ways), also often referred to as Ménage
    • MFM – Both males are sexually active with the female, but do not touch one another
    • MMF – Both males are sexually active with one another, but also include a female partner
    • etcetera…


  • ARC – Advanced Reader Copy, also Advanced Review Copy
  • BDSM – an overlapping abbreviation meaning: Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM)
  • Erotic* – A work that leans toward the story more than the mechanics of sex, or the characters sexual antics; Still has plenty of sex
  • Erotica* – A work that leans more to the sexual heat, hungers, desires, actions of the characters than the story of how they met, their interests, etc.; Mostly sex less getting to know one another
  • Mainstream – Stories with no, or little sexual heat/activities; They can appeal to a wider audience unlike some other genres
  • MC – Main Character (not to be confused with MC Romance, or Motorcycle Club Romance)
  • MS – Manuscript
  • NA** – New Adult, a term for stories that usually are focused on the 18-30 age group, some publishers may refer to it as “Mainstream”
  • POV – Point Of View
  • PRN – Paranormal
  • R&R – Review & Rewrite, meaning your work requires some tweaks/fixes prior to resubmitting and possible acceptance, this is NOT a refussal to publish the work
  • Serial – A single story broken down into pieces/individual books
  • Series – Each book is a completed work, but the same characters carry through the other books
  • SFF – Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • TBC – To Be Continued
  • TBD – To Be Decided
  • TSTL – Too Stupid To Live, usually (like 99.99999999999% of the time) refers to the story’s heroine we all want to see fall down an elevator shaft while strapped to a C-4 packet on a short fuse
  • WIP – Work In Progress, the story you’re currently working on
  • YA** – Young Adult, a term for stories that usually are focused on the12-18 age group

* The distinction is very fine between Erotic and Erotica. Each publisher, and third party site selling your books has it’s own definition. For example Amazon® changed their definition between the two roughly a year or so ago putting a lot of us Erotic Romance authors into the Erotica category on their site, and thus hiding our Adult content safely away from the masses. We’re still pissed about this one FYI, but it’s the almighty Zon and therefore we authors have zero say in the matter. Or anything else they do on the site.

** Both the NA and the YA may have different guidelines governing them depending on your publisher. If you are an Indie, do your research into the genre you’re working in to ensure you don’t overstep any boundaries where it ends up with a classification you didn’t want. Some YA works fall into the category due to the lack of sexual content, and the same can be said for the NA. From what I’ve found (to date), these categories are usually based on the subject matter within the story. Things like loss, coming of age, those first steps into adulthood, etc.

While there are many more, and likely even more to come in the years ahead, this is a damn fine start to help you out. If you have another term you’ve used/had used in reference to your works please feel free to leave it in the comments and I’ll update the list to keep it current. We can all use this list from time to time I’m sure.

For some other fun new author acronyms, check out Steve Laube’s post. Both funny, and useful.

XO Moira Callahan

Woman pretends to kiss man

What’s Your Name Again? #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)



Good morning all. Happy Saturday. It is the last weekend in February and I feel like I haven’t accomplished a lot this month. Time is simply flying by too quick.

As always, I try and speak from personal experience only and happenings in my life as a writer, even personally. I came across an older email from an author colleague from a while back and it got me thinking for today’s post. In that email, the author wanted some help with character names. I love the process of coming up with the right names for each character. And yes, as some may have noticed in the past when I share my rituals, I have a spreadsheet of names that pop into my head, I hear on tv or read in magazines. I’ll put my own spins on some of them, and the list is so long, I don’t think I’ve even used 1/3 of them. I find the more unique ones, I’d rather save for paranormal stories, but each name has to fit the personality / quirks of the character. And I’ll cross out names I’ve used in any books, whether main or secondary characters.

Sometimes I start with a name that gets changed through from draft to draft. When I start writing a minor outline of traits for the characters (ie: eyes, age, etc.), the name I come up with doesn’t end up matching who the character evolves to be. When I have the character age firm as well, I’ll do the dreaded math to figure out what year the character was born in, then I look at the popular names from that year, for authenticity purposes. This is important to me because I wouldn’t want to see a name like Blue Ivy or North on a 50+ year old heroine/hero. Those names weren’t really thought of that many years ago and in keeping with the quality of the story, and to show that I did do some research LOL, it’s important to me and wouldn’t be authentic.

Also, one thing I do regularly when the name sticks, is research the name to get the origin of it, and variants of spelling. It’s nice to play a bit with the names, change spellings and such, and liven things up a bit. Most readers probably don’t notice names that much, spellings or even guess the origins, but as an author of the work, it is those little things (which are big to me) that matter. It’s part of my creativity process and putting 10,000% into every story. There is the odd time, I will just do something fun and not obsess too much about the name, but it depends on the story. For example, with Payback’s A Bitch, which is probably my fave story that was the most fun to write, Lark seemed to fit into the breeziness of the heroine and who she is. Not much weighed Lark down and she was all about living life to the fullest. I’m not even sure where I heard the name Lark but it seemed to work so well for her and the story.

Every author has his/her quirks and the naming of characters is one of mine. And no, I don’t figure out the ages of the characters in books I read, then look up that year, and get peeved if the author gave a name that wasn’t even thought of in that year. I’m not quite that bad. However, as the writer, I can be as anal about things as I wish to be. Authors all have those certain habits and rules they abide by that aren’t broken often.

But it is important to do some research and at least give characters names from at least around the decade of their age. Makes things a bit more believable.

That’s it for me this week. Another crazy quirk coming from the desk of Kacey. *g*

Until next week,

Happy Writing!

Kacey (2)



Fabulous Friday with @aprilzyon

So here we are… its a beautiful Friday and you are here with me, April Zyon and – I’M LATE! Imagine that!

My only excuse is I’ve been sick and honestly I didn’t even realize what day today was until my trainer called me and asked me if I had done my training exercises and I’m like, it’s Wednesday already and he was like… No, its Friday! Well hell’s bells.

So yep, Here is me talking to you on Friday nicely drugged up on flu medication and hoping that this post comes across as halfway readable.

So today I’m going to talk to you about boxsets. Why? Because I was just reminded that I’m going to be in another boxset (Forgot all about it, I’m VERY BAD and seriously need a keeper, all applicants can apply here) and had to remember what it was that I was going to write about.

Anyway, so back to boxsets. These really can be fun to do and write, especially when you are with a group of people that you jive with and have a topic that you all love and all have written before. This particular boxset is going to be awesome because its something I already love to write. (Not telling you because that would give everything away and I’m so not doing that!)

Anyway… I’m going to do a pros and cons sort of thing for Boxsets…. (Boxsets are NOT like Anthology calls like Evernight Publishing has…)


  • You have a short story with several other authors in the same genre, some possibly better known names than yours
  • Your story has a short contract life (typically 6 months) and then rights revert back to you where you can add to and republish your story as you see fit
  • You own all rights to your story
  • You have a set date to turn in your story
  • You have a set publication date
  • You have X amount of other people promoting your work



  • You have a short story with several other authors, sometimes yours gets lost because no one knows who you are. The book was purchased because of the others in the boxset.
  • You pay a small fee upfront for formatting, editing, cover art and marketing (its split between however many people in the boxset)
  • At the end of the contract you have your story back, you have to get a cover done for it and try to self publish it (if you haven’t done this before it can be scary)
  • You have to hire your own editor
  • You have to come up with a story, write it, have it professionally edited within X amount of time and turned in in the hopes you will make some sort of profit from the book.
  • You have to keep up with the promotions of the work (This one is harder than it sounds)


All in all boxsets are fun because they are short works, readers enjoy them because they get to read several authors works for a small price but in the end each author needs to decide for themselves if the pros and cons are worth it for them. I’m sure that the list is far longer for each one, but in my medication riddled mind I couldn’t think of anything more to add to the list. 🙂

So this is me, signing off.

Remember, don’t be a mean girl.

❤ April



Raven rambles on If and Only, and wishes they wouldn’t visit so often

Hi all Raven rambling on two little words who are best buddies and visit my WIP much too often, and usually together.

Now honestly I don’t have a grudge against either word per se. But why do they insist on popping in to my WIP and them sprawling all over the place? They sometimes bring their friend just along as well, and take command. Add themselves willy nilly and then laugh at me when I don’t notice.

And do they listen when I insist they go away?


(Source , Pinterest)

Hmm debatable to be honest. I think they disguise themselves until I’ve read past them.

Luckily I have a reditor (red penning person ie beta reader Doris) who points.them out to me.

The gist of this ramble i very simple. we all have favourite words we use over and over. And (that’s another one of mine) often we don’t realise. But hopefully your trusty beta and editor will.

However there is something you can do oh so easily to check. I’m not talking about apps and things. Keep a note of those visitors. Go into your doc and click on the find and replace bit. (Techo-basic is me, it’s at the top left on mine.) Type in the word… the ‘I’m going to crawl all over your WIP word’ whatever it is. Then be ready to cry when you see how many times it’s there.

What you do next is up to you…

happy writing,

love Raven x



How to Write a Book: A Cynical Report of a Writer’s Day #HumpdayHangout with @JulesofTripleR

How to Write a Book: A Cynical Report a Writer’s Day

  1. Come down stairs from a glorious 9 hours of sleep, wearing your fuzzy socks and a favorite sweatshirt that’s so time loved that it has holes, but you don’t care, you love it cause it says comfy and artistic. Kind of Flashdance in a sexy writerly way. Kind of… giphy-12
  2. Pick out your choice of morning pick-me-up drink. What’s your poison? Coffee? Tea? Soda?
  3. Stand staring at the choice of brewing mechanism for at least ten minutes thinking about what drink your leading lady in your story might be drinking.
  4. Grab cup to head to office, step in cat vomit on hallway rug on way to office landing.
  5. Hop around to keep the disgusting cat food hummus from spreading. Imagine writing this into a book and if it would be humorous. But it’s NOT funny.giphy-5
  6. Spill morning drink on the rug, decide to wash rug.
  7. Take outside and shake off the chunks of vomit, small piece flies back at you and you do a move from the Matrix to avoid the flying debris.giphy-13
  8. Start washing machine and throw in extra pod of washing liquid and sock just cause…vomit.
  9. Remember it’s Monday when you hear the garbage truck somewhere in the neighborhood.
  10. Run to the front windows in your PJ’s to see if other half set out garbage cans.
  11. Curse name of other half when you see it hasn’t been done.
  12. Like a hurricane, get the garbage from every room while hearing the truck 5…4…3…2…1 houses away.
  13. Run to garage in one sock, open garage door, run back inside to grab the six garbage bags you forgot.
  14. Stuff all into the small container that the city allows and run to the curb while the truck shows up with two very cute young men who watch your boobs flop in circular motions and possibly get view of a nip slip through the holey sweatshirt.
  15. Pull the recycling out of the garage, slip on the pile of sand you swept up and fall to your ass as the guy on the back of the garbage truck waves to you. Think of writing the scene into a book.
  16. Regain your composure and dignity, whatever is left of it, place recycling on corner and return empty trash receptacle to the garage.
  17. Sweep the sand into another pile, vowing to remember to bring the dustpan out to get rid of the pile.
  18. Return inside, wash hands, realize the dishwasher needs to be unloaded.
  19. Open dishwasher, hear the washing machine ding—rug is finished.
  20. Abandon dishwasher to throw rug into dryer.
  21. See your cup of coffee/tea/soda in the entryway, pick it up, take drink. It’s now undrinkable cause it’s cold or hot depending on what it was to start with.giphy-14
  22. Start new cup of whatever you wish…maybe even breakfast by this time.
  23. Unload dishwasher, wipe down counters, and sweep floor while thinking about what you want to write that day.
  24. Grab drink or food, hear the doorbell ring. Set it back down.
  25. It’s your neighbor with your recycling container that has now blown paper and plastic products all over the block.
  26. Apologize and vow to go clean it up.
  27. Decide to get dressed for the day.
  28. Go to bedroom, remember you haven’t showered in three days.
  29. Take shower and get all dolled up. For what you don’t have a clue, but better to look hot while you’re picking up trash, right? giphy-7
  30. Grab recycling bin from front porch.
  31. Head outside and instantly get burst of wind that lifts your skirt and you do a Marilyn Monroe impression in front of the new neighbor and his dog. The dog seems amused, the neighbor not so much.
  32. Pick up your scattered recycling, stopping to talk to every neighbor that comes out of their house to say “Good that someone’s picking it up.” But never offer to join you.
  33. Return home, place recycling back in the garage cause the recycling truck drove by you when you were a block and a half away, with a wicked smile on the driver’s face. Sucker.
  34. Wash hands. Again.
  35. Walk into the office, see plant needs to be watered.
  36. Get glass of water and nourish the plant.
  37. Phone rings. Daughter’s car has broken down and she has to be to work in 30 minutes.
  38. Frantically drive halfway across the city for her to text you. “False alarm, I just didn’t have the car in park.”                             giphy-8
  39. Wonder how the hell she didn’t have it in “park” and think about writing it into a story.
  40. Stop off for Starbucks cause by now whatever you made at home has been licked by a cat.
  41. Decide to grab a little something to eat. Wait in drive-thru line for 30 minutes.
  42. Head home, eating the Runza fries all the way.
  43. Take a deep breath when you open the garage door and see that your husband’s car is there. He’s working from home. Never a good thing.
  44. Head inside, he’s on the sofa and all he says is “flu.”
  45. You get him settled into bed and then reheat your runza (if you don’t know what this gift from the Gods is…here…RUNZA! )
  46. Head into office. Put on headphones. Realize you forgot your drink.
  47. Get back up, head into kitchen, grab drink.
  48. Sit down at desk again. Hear hubby call. Needs more meds.
  49. Take meds and wonder if you’d get more writing done in prison and what offense wouldn’t be that hard to commit and you wouldn’t feel that bad about. Realize there isn’t one–think about writing it into your story, but write it into a blog post instead.
  50. Sit down at the computer, open Word and…sigh.
  51. Return to bedroom, slip into the outfit you were wearing at the beginning of the day to be comfortable.
  52. Start back at #1 and begin writing.
  53. Yeah…right.


So there you have it. Only 53 steps to finally get to writing.

I know what you’re saying. Well, that’s just not a typical day. You know you’re right. Not every day is like this…there are ones that are worse. Much. Much. Worse. 😉

Love to all! ❤ Jules

But…happy HUMP day all the same!




Two little words #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)c

Happy Tuesday, peeps, Doris here with her thoughts on those two little words.

Thank You - Words on Yellow Sticky Notes

They’ll take you far in life, you know.

My gran always said manners cost nothing, and it’s something that I strive to live by in real life and online.

Makes the world so much nicer, don’t you think.

Sadly, there are those who seem to forget even the basics.

You know the ones. They think the world owes them, or perhaps they are just too far up their own behinds to come up and smell the roses.

I don’t much care either way.

Those folks only show themselves up in the end. Like Ravenna stated in her post yesterday, Karma.


It is annoying, though,  and it grates on me, when someone can’t even be bothered to say a little thank you, or please.

We call them the magic words in my house.


Even my five year old knows that nothing happens unless you ask nicely and you say thank you.

Why then, do some authors and readers, too, to be fair forget that simple little thing? We all lead busy lives, I get that, but how much does it take to ask nicely for something. To say thanks, ta, no problem, de nada, whatever variation you want to come up with?

To show your appreciation for whatever the other person has done for you?

Because, newsflash, we’re all in this together, and no one owes you anything. You’re not any more precious that the next person, just because you sell more, have more followers, or whatever might make you think you’re above the common courtesies.

This is turning into something of a rant, and I don’t mean it to be. It just never ceases to astonish me when someone is just downright rude online.

Don’t do that, really, don’t.

It’s not cool, it’s not clever, it just makes you look like a divbrain.

Most of us more experienced authors are only too happy to help out. We listen, we lend a helping hand, we host others on our blogs etc.

But, a word to the wise here, just because any author has hosted you before, does not give you an automatic right to be on their blog again, especially when you simply send out a mass e-mail, without asking nicely, to give but one example of things that make me roll my eyes.

The same goes for newsletters. Don’t subscribe folks to them without asking, and for the love of all that is holy, do not bombard the subscribers you do have with newsletter after newsletter.

It all just turns into noise after a while.

And while I’m on the subject. If you win something in a giveaway, say thank you, and make sure you claim your prize. 🙂

Of course, you might just be rolling your eyes at this, and think to yourself, that Doris, who does she think she is to tell us what to do?



that’s your prerogative. I’m a very small fish in a very big sea, but, at least, I’m a polite one. Or at the very least, I try to be.

Manners cost nothing, remember that in your dealings with others.

Or as my five-year-old would say about folks who don’t.

That’s just rude, mummy isn’t it, and we don’t like rude people.


That’s all from me today. You’ll be pleased to hear I’ve put my soapbox away.

Do stay naughty, folks.

D xxx



When The Golden Rule Becomes The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs

Ravennas Monday MumblingsWelcome to Ravenna’s Monday Mumblings!!

In that fairy tale by Aesop about a goose that laid golden eggs, the couple who owned the goose got greedy and cut her open, thinking they’d have all the golden eggs instead of waiting for her to lay one each morning. Only her eggs were just that – eggs. So now they had a goose they could eat but no more golden eggs.

The moral of this story? Too much greed results in nothing.

So what does a fairy tale about greed have to do with the Golden Rule? My college English professors did the same thing you’re doing right now. Rolled their eyes at my compare and contrast essays.

goldenruleThe Golden Rule comes from the Bible, but every culture and religion has their own form of it. In its simplest language, it says treat others the way you want to be treated. BOOM.

Pretty simple, no? It should be.

You act like a douche to people online for whatever reason – doesn’t really matter why. Then you should expect people to treat you in kind for their own reasons. Doesn’t matter what they are.

You promise someone you will do X, Y, or Z for them, and when, but fail to deliver on that promise, or give them the courtesy of a reason why. Then you should expect the same treatment in return. If you get pissed off about it, you’re an idiot. After all, you did the same thing to someone else, remember?

quote-if-you-turn-the-other-cheek-you-will-get-a-harder-blow-on-it-than-you-got-on-the-first-one-this-george-orwell-257223So what happened to all that turn the other cheek stuff?

I’m not talking about someone DELIBERATELY treating you in the same way you treat them. I’m talking about KARMA. Those times when you’re an ass to people and then others are asses to you. Yeah. THAT. You sit around and whine… WHY ME? What did I do? Oh, how easily you forget.

karmaIn a way, that goose was fulfilling the promise of the Golden Rule. The couple had it made. Every morning that goose laid an egg that kept them in comfort and luxury. All they had to do was wait until the sun came up. But they wanted more. They got greedy. And once they killed their precious goose, they had nothing left.

The promise of the Golden Rule, Karma, or whatever you want to call it, is that you will receive the same treatment from others as you bestow on mankind. Plain and simple. The couple committed ansercide (I made that up. Geese are from the genus anser), and were in turn answered with the death of their dreams and their wealth.

(See how I made that work?)

How many times have we seen this played out on social media? Not the killing of a goose. The mistreatment of others, be they authors, readers, or simply cyber friends? Too many times. And how many times have we then seen the perpetrator of the Mean Girls behavior whine and moan about how badly they were treated in turn? Yeah. About the same.


Fairy tales exist for a reason. They tell a story that transcends time and is applicable down through the ages. The Golden Rule is a compass by which anyone can live. It ensures we rise above the dregs and hold our heads high, no matter what. To quote our former First Lady, “When they go low, we go high.”

You want to be the most popular belle at the ball? That doesn’t come from posting 24/7 and giving away so much free stuff to your readers that you need a second income just to keep up with it. It doesn’t come from tagging 1,000 friends to make sure they SEE that tenth post you just put up about the newest contract you signed, because you NEED them to comment on it to stroke your ego. And it doesn’t come from shouting at the top of your lungs every time you write another paragraph on your WIP.

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama speaks at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. July 25, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar - RTSJMFE

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama speaks at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. July 25, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar – RTSJMFE

All that stuff is just NOISE after the first few dozen times. People are scrolling right past it. Trust me on this one. I’m one of those rolling my eyes and scrolling on by…

Practicing the Golden Rule without becoming GREEDY is quiet. It’s in the shadows. It’s unobtrusive. It’s anonymous a lot of the time. It’s gentle, like a breeze, not like that hurricane down south. It’s always there, in every tiny thing you say and do. Each post, each “like,” each thank you is done not to draw attention to YOU, but to lift up someone else. To showcase THEM, not to shout “LOOK AT ME! LOOK HOW WONDERFUL I AM!”

Does it pay off? Yes. Not in ways you might immediately see, but overall. In the long run. Where it counts. This isn’t a sprint. It’s a JOURNEY.

we-rise-by-lifting-othersSome last words of advice, special snowflake. People don’t exist to give you praise, free shit, or unconditional devotion even when you’re an ass to others. We all exist to lift others up. That, right there, is what the Golden Rule is all about. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

Until next week, Happy Writing!!

Emotional baggage #SensualSunday @AuthorMoira


Welcome back folks, as I write this the weather outside is rather frightful, but it provides interesting mood to say the least. This #SensualSunday post is all about emotions. That we use in our writing, and those that effect our writing.

Let’s be honest – authors can be rather emotional. We are invested in our characters, their story, their happiness, what’s going on around them, and so much more. This is not a bad thing by a long shot, but not today’s focus. Nope, today’s focus is on what an author feels and how it can change their story.

I personally can happily admit that when I’ve had a bad day, been in a piss poor mood, and/or been ready to do bodily harm – I have sat down at my computer to either write a scene in a current WIP, or opened up a new doc to write out my mood. I have several docs in a special folder titled, I kid you not, my Kill Folder. Yup. I actually have a folder saved with all the dismemberment’s, murder’s, and various other brutal endings to folks lives tucked away on my computer. Some scenes, with tweaks to fit in better, have made it into my WIP’s while others may well rot inside that folder.

bebe llorandoFor an author our writing is an outlet for all our emotional baggage. If we sad, angry, joyful, annoyed, or feeling blue we have the perfect place to put it all – in our writing. But there are two sides to this story. While being in an emotionally charged place can help in writing a specific scene (angry – killing off a character, sad – characters saying their goodbyes, etc.) we do need to take care not to try writing a scene in our MS that doesn’t fit our current mood.

A prime example – you just received some bad news, your emotions are all over the map, you’re crying, ranting, not in a great place. Why the hell are you trying to force yourself to write a sex scene? Not to say there are not authors out there who can’t take negative emotions and channel them into something different, but most of us are not wired in that manner. And your readers will notice that the scene that should be happy, or sexually charged feels off or even awkward, like you were forcing yourself to write something you weren’t emotionally into. So don’t. If you’re not feeling the mood of where your WIP is – write something else. Go onto a different scene that better suits where you are in the moment, or like I do, start a folder to let out everything in a non-destructive (in reality) manner.

Not only will your characters, and story thank you but so will your editor and your readers. In the end you too will be much happier with how the story turned out, which is a great feeling and one we all strive to achieve. “Write what you know” isn’t merely about jobs or places, people or situations, it’s also about the emotions we feel or don’t in any given situation.

Moral of today’s post – Don’t force that which you’re not feeling.

XO Moira Callahan

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A Quick Drive By… #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning all. Happy Saturday. It is Kacey again, but this week is only a quick drive by.

We’ve been without internet for a couple days and I am only able to type away on my phone using data (sorry no images this week for that reason). But I wanted to fulfill my weekly post regardless and simply wish you all HAPPY WRITING vibes. I hope you are all got mega amounts of words in this past week, and for the week ahead.

I have been very lucky and managed about 15000 in my WIP. It is steadily growing and over 31000. I am super happy about that.

So, I hope you are writing up a storm and loving your job! I am rootin’ for all of you!

You know, this no internet thing is a blessing as well. I feel great, less distractions and social media negatives not bringing me down.

Perhaps there is something to going without internet…

Hmmm, something to ponder.


Until next week,

Happy writing!!!