Doctors find bees in Taiwanese woman's eye, feeding on her tears


The Taiwanese woman, named He, visited a hospital with an eye infection.

He then proceeded to inspect her eye under his microscope but discovered insect legs wriggling in her socket. The ophthalmologist peered into the eye with a microscope, only to notice something much more unusual than a standard eye infection - tiny legs of four live sweat bees wriggling near her tear duct. However, it later began to swell up and she felt a sharp stinging pain underneath her eyelid. According to the Guardian, doctors at the Fooyin University Hospital in Taiwan were horrified after seeing the bees and described it as a "world's first". One by one, Professor Hung Chi-ting said he removed the insects, which were still alive, from her eye.

He has now been discharged and is expected to make a full recovery.

Dr Hong added that Ms He was "lucky" that she did not rub her eyes while the bees were inside. She went to the hospital three hours after the incident in agony.

The pictures of the 3-millimeter-long bees inside the woman's eye have now gone viral on social media.

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Instead of attacking, the bees are merely interested in licking up human sweat with their short tongues as a way to supplement their diets, Terminix reports.

He yanked out a small bee, known as Halictidae or a "sweat bee". Hung said they are attracted to human perspiration and are often found near graves, which is where he suggested the woman contracted the unwanted visitors in her eye.

The bees are still alive and have been sent to another organization so they can be studied.

Even though the case is probably the most unusual he's heard about in his time studying entomology, Shelomi emphasized that what happened at the gravesite in Taiwan was a fascinating but not worrisome "freak occurrence". "This is not something that people need to concern themselves with".