Tripoli's only functional airport hit by air raid as clashes rage


A contingent of US forces evacuated at the weekend.

The UN has said that 2,800 people have fled from the fighting near Libya's capital, with the Ministry of Public Health already revealing that at least 25 people had been killed and 80 wounded.

Dozens of people have been killed and thousands displaced in the fighting since Haftar's forces launched their onslaught against Tripoli and its unity government on Thursday, April 4.

The LNA reached the southern outskirts of the capital on Friday and says it took the former global airport, though the Tripoli military officials deny this.

But the government of Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj has armed groups arriving from nearby Misrata to help block the LNA.

At least 35 people have been killed since 4 April, the date of the start of Haftar forces' attack on the Libyan capital, according to new data issued by the Government of National Accord, amid increasing worldwide calls to stop the attack.

Al-Sarraj has been heading the Tripoli government since 2016 under a UN-mediated agreement, which Haftar has boycotted.

The death toll continues to rise in Libya, where attacks have killed more than 45 people in the last few days. "The United Nations is deeply concerned for the welfare of the civilian population in the ongoing violence, and of the implications of the attack on the airport", said Salame.

The violence has jeopardized a United Nations plan for an April 14-16 conference to plan elections and end anarchy that has prevailed since the Western-backed toppling of Gaddafi.

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As well as the UN, the European Union, United States and G7 bloc have all urged a ceasefire, a halt to Mr Haftar's advance and return to negotiations.

The LNA says it has 85,000 men, but this includes soldiers paid by the central government that it hopes to inherit.

Its elite force, Saiqa (Lightning), numbers some 3,500, while Haftar's sons also have well-equipped troops, LNA sources say.

Witnesses said the LNA had lost control of the old airport and withdrawn from positions on the airport road.

Libya has become the main conduit for African migrants and refugees trying to reach Europe, with many detained if their journey fails and they are sent back.

Eastern Libyan forces carried out air strikes on the southern part of Tripoli on Sunday and made progress towards the city centre, residents said, escalating an operation to take the capital as the United Nations failed to achieve a truce.

France established close relations with Mr Haftar under the Socialist government of former President Francois Hollande and his defence minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

The video emerged as the US temporarily withdrew some of its forces from Libya due to the "increasingly complex and unpredictable" security situation, according to Marine Corps General Thomas Waldhauser, head of US Africa Command.