Borderlands 3 goes up for preorder, launches in September


If you don't know or can't recall who this magnificent steed is, check Borderlands 2 for help. There's been one "pre-sequel", a Telltale adventure game, and one mobile strategy game in the time since.

Those who own the original game on PC are getting it for free. In a statement, the company wrote, "Borderlands 3 will support two-player split-screen on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One". With only a handful of big titles offering the feature, like Epic's own Fortnite, cross-platform play across PC and consoles for Borderlands 3 would be fantastic.

A Microsoft Store listing for Borderlands 3 claims the game will support cross-platform play. Steam also imposes some limits on key generation to prevent developers from essentially piggybacking off of Steam's services while exclusively selling games directly to consumers elsewhere. Epic Games only takes a 12% cut in sales, compared to Steam's 30% cut from all game sales (20% if the game makes more than US$50 million (~RM204 million) in sales). Also in regards to co-op, you apparently won't have to worry about differences in character levels, as it sounds like the game will balance things out automatically.

That many recent games have been revealed as timed exclusives for Epic is probably feeding the current internet rumours.

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Since Borderlands 3 was announced, the negative reviews on Steam have spiked in number and surpassed the number of positive reviews.

Originally published March 28. Update, April 3: Adds pricing, availability, characters and new trailer. After all, Captain Marvel soared to $1 billion in worldwide box office despite the anger of internet naysayers.

There's a lot of returning cast members too - numerous previous vault hunters and notable non-player characters reappear in the trailer, with Lilith the Siren, a playable character in the original Borderlands, appearing to play a major role in the story.