Sen. Rob Portman backs legislation that would let Trump's border emergency stand


An 11th-hour rescue mission by Republican senators to stave off an awkward defeat for President Donald Trump on his declaration of a national emergency at the Mexican border, and to protect themselves from a politically dicey vote opposing him, seemed to collapse Wednesday.

GOP Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Todd Young of IN were also IN discussions with the White House about related legislation that would curb the ability of future presidents to declare national emergencies.

The votes on the Yemen resolution and the emergency declaration represent some of the strongest backlash the President has weathered from his own party yet.

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) said, "One could imagine a President who committed a felony and the House simply decided, for the good of the country, it wasn't an important felony, it was just a mistake, it's something we can deal with after a presidential term". "The president didn't appear interested".

"I'm voting with you, Mr. President", Oklahoma Republican Sen.

"No. No. I don't think he is", she said.

The idea, says Lee, is to claw back some of the powers Congress' has ceded to the executive branch over the years. "While there was attention on the issue I had hoped the ARTICLE ONE Act could begin to take that power back".

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., who has pushed the administration for days on its legal rationale for declaring the national emergency, said Tuesday that he has started getting the information from White House officials.

His defection alone could be enough to sink the House's resolution.

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That outcome now looks less likely, although several senators declined to predict Wednesday whether the disapproval resolution would in fact pass. John Kennedy (R-La.), who opposes the disapproval resolution, told reporters on Wednesday after exiting a caucus lunch about the matter.

The disapproval resolution passed the House with a vote of 245-182 with the help of 13 Republicans.

Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown called Lee's bill a typical Republican tactic to "show no backbone when it comes to standing up to this President", in keeping with to their failure to "stand up" to Trump when he made racist comments, shut down the government and declared "an emergency over something that's not an emergency". The resolution requires a two-thirds majority vote in both houses of Congress to override a veto.

"I think she is aware of the political mistake it would be to go after Trump", former senior adviser to Trump's 2016 campaign Barry Bennett told The Hill. "A lot of money's being spent right now".

"Republican Senators are overthinking tomorrow's vote on National Emergency".

"It is about Border Security and the Wall [stopping Crime, Drugs, etc.], not Constitutionality and Precedent", the president recently wrote on Twitter. "While we have impeachment authority, we need to be very cognizant of what the American people believe, and I agree with the speaker, that the probability of success is low, and the distraction would be major".

Then-Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan gave Pence the first-floor office space in 2017, just after President Donald Trump's inauguration. Mike Lee (R-Utah) that tries to claw back some emergency powers to Congress and whether the White House endorses some version of it.

If passed into law, Lee's bill could impact Trump's national border emergency in the future, since ongoing national emergency declarations must be reaffirmed annually.