Algerian Islamic party rejects president's concessions


Born in the Moroccan city of Oujda to a family originally from the Algerian town of Tlemcen, west of Algiers.

President Bouteflika, 82, suffered a stroke in 2013 and has not spoken in public for five years.

"To tell the Algerians that he understood their message, it was necessary that heads fall", said a former executive of the FLN, the ruling party.

Muscat: Algerian President Abdulaziz Bouteflika has announced that he will not run for a fifth term as president of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria.

Algeria's president says he is creating a new government and a special body to draft a new constitution to respond to mass protests.

"It's up to the women, men and especially the young to shoulder this historic responsibility", Lamamra added in an interview with Radio France International.

Security is high Monday in Algiers, where some businesses are shuttered by strikes and high school and university students are planning protest-related activity.

Bouteflika's concessions, it added, were merely meant to "placate the Algerian street" without actually meeting the people's demands.

A group of Algerians celebrated the development at Maurice Audin Square in the capital city of Algiers.

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The protests are not expected to abate anytime soon, with another demonstration scheduled for Friday. This was described as "the last ruse of Bouteflika" by the influential daily newspaper El Watan. Should the election process descend further into chaos, it is possible that the military will step in, akin to the Egyptian military's action during the country's 2011 protests.

Others are looking to the past, and taking a more sanguine view.

Former colonial ruler France welcomed Bouteflika's decision.

French policymakers remain concerned about the risk of political instability in the energy-rich country, which has seen more than two weeks of peaceful demonstrations against Bouteflika. Algeria has stagnated for decades under veterans of the independence war who dominate the country. The reason for this is to answer your urgent call to me.the delay in the presidential election comes to soothe fears and allow time for tranquility to reign.

Many critics also accuse Bouteflika and what Algerians term "le Pouvoir" - referring to a shadowy clique of elites - for nurturing endemic corruption. "Major projects that are often unrealized or badly done and the beneficiaries are always four or five people in the president's entourage".

The greed for power is intoxicating and reflects among most African Leaders.

A number of protests have also been staged in Switzerland against the Algerian president since he arrived in the country.

"The whole system must disappear immediately".

A woman takes part in a protest demanding immediate political change, in Algiers, Algeria March 12, 2019.