The Michael Jackson Allegations: Separating The Art From The Artist


The first part of a new Michael Jackson documentary hit Channel 4 last night, and viewers were disturbed by fresh allegations of sexual assault put against the late singer.

The allegations against Michael Jackson in HBO's new documentary "Leaving Neverland" are serious. Dean Buchanan, group director of entertainment at broadcaster NZME said: "NZME station playlists change from week to week and right now Michael Jackson does not feature on them".

A spokesperson for broadcasting company Cogeco announced Monday that three major Montreal radio stations-The Beat, CKOI and Rythme-would no longer play Jackson's music. "As part of our ongoing plans to better represent the stories we want to tell, we have made a decision to remove the Michael Jackson statue from display".

The recently premiered documentary "Leaving Neverland", which has brought back child abuse claims against the late Michael Jackson, may jeopardize the billion-dollar estate that flourished after the singer's death in 2009. But he isn't 100-per-cent convinced of Jackson's guilt.

In the film, two men who worked with Jackson as boys, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, discussed how their relationship with Jackson developed over the course of several years, and say that the singer initiated repeated sexual interactions with them and other boys.

At this stage, no United States or United Kingdom radio stations have confirmed their intention to do so.

Pals Jackson and Lester
Pals Jackson and Lester

It is in the public interest to allow these individuals to tell of their interactions with Michael Jackson.

When HBO released Leaving Neverland this month, a documentary that may never leave our news feeds, so far-reaching and horrific are its revelations, one question kept appearing in my mind.

Both countries cite the removal of Jackson's music as a response to listeners' reactions to the documentary.

In 2010 she made a special episode of her eponymous talk show, packing the audience with 200 men who claimed Jackson had assaulted them when they were children.

Accusations of child molestation have surrounded the late "King of Pop" for years, but the broadcast of Leaving Neverland has reignited the allegations.

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