Brie Larson And Sam Jackson Tell Truth & Lies On 'Carpool Karaoke'


Actress Brie Larson is using her starring role in Captain Marvel, the first female-led superhero story from Marvel Studios, to advocate for women behind the scenes as well.

And "Captain Marvel", which will hit theaters on Friday, is no different. For starters, Carol Danvers has no idea who she is. She also told us that she learned that playing a blue character meant, unfortunately, being in the makeup trailer at 3 a.m. Here, Law plays the type of faux-philosopher/stoic sensei you might find in a Star Wars prequel; short on personality and long on pomposity.

"It's 2019. And everybody here looks for the day when it is not newsworthy that a woman is directing this kind of movie", she said at press conference in Singapore.

For the eponymous hero (played by Oscar victor Brie Larson) - who shoots thunderbolts from her fists, can pilot any spacecraft and actually fly unaided herself - this change of emphasis is significant.

When Vers is captured, Skrull leader Talos (the excellent Ben Mendelsohn) and his crew literally get in her head, mining her shadowy past for memories of Dr. Wendy Lawson (four-time Oscar nominee Annette Bening), an Earth scientist who has developed advanced technology capable of changing the course of the war.

"Captain Marvel isn't exactly marvellous", concludes Brian Viner in the Daily Mail. Larson and Jackson generally have a natural rapport, although the quips often seem forced. She doesn't hesitate to employ her photon blasts or superstrong fists, but the swirl of action around her is so baffling that she's not sure whom to trust, or whom to help. They have fun and there's Goose, the flerken-not-a-cat, in the mix which adds a lot of spontaneity to all the action.

In one of the final scenes Goose scratches Fury's face and when he brushes off the scratch, Talos looks far more anxious. Captain Marvel may be good enough to satisfy the series' built-in audience, but might disappoint anyone expecting more. Carol and Maria were once best friends and surrogate sisters, bonding over their attempts to become fighter pilots in a male-dominated military that didn't allow females to take on that role. She would even describe it as promoting intersectional feminism. But Shazam, the DC Comics movie based on the character who used to be called Captain Marvel, is getting wildly effusive first reviews on Twitter from critics who were invited to early screenings.

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It's a surprising failure because, traditionally, Marvel has excelled at the origin story. Many of us are diehard Marvel fans and many of us have dedicated our lives to covering these movies.

Rotten Tomatoes was already inundated by negative reviews for Captain Marvel... written by people who haven't even watched the movie. When Carol starts glowing and easily dispatching her startled enemies, the pyrotechnics are impressive, but the emotional component is absent.

Also disappointing is the lack of "90s period detailing. The oppressive 'best of the '90s" song selection infects every scene like a virus of mediocrity.

Don't worry, we'll know if the movie isn't good.


"Captain Marvel" isn't it.

According to Clark, there may be chances of a complete reboot of the entire organization of SHIELD which will involve the new people presently known to everyone.